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The World of Ashen Comes to Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass December 7

The wait is over! The dark world of Ashen will finally see the light and launch on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass on December 7… and what a journey it’s been to get here!

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Ashen, the ID@Xbox team recently visited our studios in Wellington, New Zealand to find out more about our open-world, action RPG that Xbox gamers around the globe will soon experience. We’re excited to share a snapshot of that visit here, and a preview of Ashen as we get ready to welcome players to a mystical world to discover, defend, and share with each other.

Thrown into a world of darkness, Ashen follows the story of a fantasy world with no light, that is suddenly reborn with an explosion of sunlight. It is your role to understand and protect this light, fighting the evil and darkness in stamina-based action combat, either independently or with the help of helpful strangers through passive multiplayer gameplay.

Your journey through Ashen will have twists, turns, and magical moments as you discover both the enemies of the light, and the strength of a community that creates amazing moments together. With passive multiplayer in Ashen, you’re only ever alone if you want to be – you’ll never die or battle alone, because you’ll have a helping hand next to you from others in the game…. if you need it.

But that’s not to say you won’t be challenged. Whilst accessibility has been key to our design, players who seek brutal boss fights and challenges will find a wealth of worthy battle sessions in the game.

Our virtual studio tour video above will give you a snapshot of our journey, our partnership with the ID@Xbox team, and the excitement we feel finally bringing this game to launch on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox One and enhanced for Xbox One X. While the game’s first preview at the 2015 Xbox E3 Briefing set us on the path to an exciting trajectory of development and new ambitions in the games design, what’s most exciting is finally getting the game into the hands of players.

We’re excited to welcome you as you join us in Ashen!

Ashen is available December 7 on Xbox One via the Microsoft Store and for Xbox Game Pass members with an active subscription. Ashen is an Xbox One X Enhanced title.