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A Look Ahead: Metro Exodus

With 2018 behind us, we here at Xbox Wire decided that now would be the perfect time to start looking ahead to some of the big games coming out in 2019. There are already a lot of them on the books, many of which will be coming out during the first few months of the year. While there’s already a decent amount of info on these titles, we’ve found that it can be tough to figure out details with all of the information spread out across the web. So, with that in mind, we’ll be spending the rest of the year taking a closer look at some of 2019’s biggest games and pulling together as much info as we can into one place. Today, we look at 4A Games’ upcoming Metro Exodus.

When was Metro Exodus Announced?

At the Xbox E3 2017 Briefing with this awesome reveal trailer and has been in development since 2014.

When will Metro Exodus be released?

February 15, 2019.

What sort of game is Metro Exodus?

Exodus describes itself as an epic, story-driven, first-person shooter, with a mix of combat, stealth, exploration, and survival horror. It also sounds like there will be a significant amount of exploration above ground and allow us to experience a variety of seasons from spring, summer, fall, and winter.

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Who is making it?

Metro Exodus is being developed by 4A Games, creators of the series predecessors Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light (as well as their Redux versions) and will be published by Deep Silver.

What is the story about?

Heavily inspired by the series of novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky (Metro Exodus draws a lot from “Metro 2035”) and will continue the story of Artyom – the main protagonist from the first two games. And in case you’re wondering how he’s still around after the events of Metro: Last Light, I hate to break it to you but that was the “bad” ending. Artyom is just fine. Well, as fine as having to live underground, freezing to death, and fighting mutants.

The world of Metro takes place in Russia in the not-too-distant future where a nuclear winter has made the surface of the planet inhospitable to life. This has left the last remaining survivors of the country to live out their lives in the twisted underground metro tunnel system below ground. Not all human settlements get along so there can be a bit of tension (see: killing) between these human factions. Oh, and there are hellish and mutated monsters that roam both the surface and the tunnels of the metro, along with the mysterious Dark Ones. As you might have been able to surmise, the universe of Metro is incredibly rich for some post-apocalyptic, sci-fi storytelling (and shooting).

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But this time it sounds like a lot of the game may take place above ground. As shown in the reveal trailer, Metro Exodus will have players board the Aurora, a heavily modified steam locomotive, and join a handful of survivors as they search for a new life in the east.

What is the combat like?

Like the previous games, Metro Exodus will feature a variety of gameplay mechanics that blend into an incredibly immersive experience. It’s like a mix of Fallout, Thief, and Call of Duty, blending a deep RPG with some awesome gunplay and weapon upgrades as well as stealth elements. It also sounds like the levels will be much larger, focusing on non-linear gameplay and sandbox survival elements with a dynamic weather system. Our hands-on time with the game from E3 2018 attests to this.

Like the original games, your choices and interactions in the world will affect your experience. The prior games offered multiple endings based on these choices, and now it will involve companions who will join you on this adventure, adding a new level of choice/consequence.

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Is Metro Exodus Xbox One X Enhanced?

Yes it is! Metro Exodus will be running on an upgraded version of the 4A engine that powered Last Light and is made for 4K on the Xbox One X with intricately detailed characters, crisp textures, and impressive sight lines. It will also have full HDR support at launch.

What versions of the game will be available?

The Standard Edition of Metro Exodus will include the base game and pre-orders will receive a free copy of Metro 2033 Redux when Exodus is released. The Gold Edition includes the base game, the pre-order bonus (Metro 2033 Redux), and the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass. There’s also a Spartan Edition that includes an incredible resin statue and other goodies. Learn more about that version here on

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