Video For Train Sim World: The Northern Trans-Pennine is Available Now on Xbox One

Train Sim World: The Northern Trans-Pennine is Available Now on Xbox One

A whole new world is available now in Train Sim World’s latest route add-on! The Northern Trans-Pennine: Manchester – Leeds route unleashes our players on the hills and mountains that make up the backbone of England in a route filled with new challenges and features.

The Route

Train Sim World

The Northern Trans-Pennine route takes on the mountains directly –  facing the challenge of running through and over them. This will give you a set of unique challenges as you battle steep gradients to bring passengers home on time.

We’ve also set this route in the 1980s and gone to great lengths to capture the industrial grease and grime from that era to bring the world to life around you. Many of features of modern trains were absent then, so this authentic experience includes:

  • Fewer safety systems, meaning more reliance on your awareness and reflexes.
  • A mix of modern coloured light signals and a classic semaphore system
  • Three entirely different locomotives – the Class 45, 47 and 101.

The Rolling Stock

As always the highlights of the route are the locomotives themselves – so lets take a look at the lineup:

Train Sim World

With production starting in 1956 and the final units only being removed from service in 2003, the Class 101s are a massive success story on the UK rail network. As the driver, you’ll need to master the manual gear-change system (the first of its kind in Train Sim World), much like you would in a car.

Train Sim World

These powerful diesel locomotives were the champions of the Midland Main Line until their withdrawal at the end of the 1980s. Common for many years along the Trans-Pennine route, the Class 45 is the perfect seat from which to tackle the steep grades and heavy trains – and it’s full of little details like seat height controls that bring the locomotive to life around you.

Train Sim World

The Class 47 originally appeared in Train Sim World as a restored, contemporary heritage locomotive on the West Somerset Railway route. On the Northern Trans-Pennine however you’ll be dealing with a totally rebuilt model reflecting the on-board systems in place during the 1980s – as well as a more authentic and grimy look and feel that perfectly suits the latest release.

The Northern Trans-Pennine route for Train Sim World is available now on Xbox One. It’s the perfect piece of history whether you’re looking for something new or an experienced driver excited about a blast from the past.

The Northen Trans-Pennine add-on for Train Sim World is now available on the Microsoft Store for $29.99. Click here to learn more.