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Smoke and Sacrifice Available Now on Xbox One

Hello, Xbox Wire readers! I’m George Morgan, Product Manager for Curve Digital, and today I’m here to tell you about Smoke and Sacrifice, a narrative-driven RPG that’s available now on Xbox One.

Smoke and Sacrifice follows the story of Sachi, a mother who due to a tradition lasting many years, is forced to sacrifice her first born son to The Sun Tree, an ancient piece of technology that provides sunlight to the dying wasteland that she and her fellow community live in.

Smoke and Sacrifice

When Sachi gets a hint that maybe not everything is as it seems, she sets off on a grand adventure to find the truth where she’s met with friendship, fearsome beasts to slay, a multitude of crafting opportunities and a darker secret kept hidden from the Overworld townsfolk.

Smoke and Sacrifice takes the player on a journey that takes inspiration from many real life cultural references; films, books, comics and more.  Players will be able to craft a multitude of items from in-game materials to ensure that their perilous journey isn’t cut short by a roaming Hogmother or angry Polyp in a world where even the environment poses a threat. When night comes, Smoke Time begins which changes the world around you causing creatures to act differently and sometimes; drop rarer loot to craft with.

Smoke and Sacrifice

Included for Xbox One is the Bacon Quest, which in its conclusion grants you a powerful weapon which allows Sachi to take over the minds of various creatures during the course of gameplay. Want to know what it’s like to stamp around as a giant Raptor? All of your dreams will come true in this case!

Make sure to head to the Microsoft Store to find Smoke and Sacrifice and feel free to find Curve Digital on your favorite social media channels for further updates, and remember to always keep an eye out for those dangerous Pugbears.