Xbox Ideas

New Idea Drive Available: Improving Gaming on Windows 10

At X018, we shared a commitment to improve the PC gaming experience on Windows 10. We know we have work to do to make gaming on Windows 10 seamless and live up to the potential of PC gaming.

At Team Xbox your ideas and feedback are critical to our efforts to continuously refine and deliver more for gamers. That’s why the Xbox Insider team wants to hear from you directly on the features you’d like added or changed in Windows 10.

We’re currently running an Idea Drive on the Xbox Ideas site where you can vote on your favorite feature suggestions or submit your own, and the level of activity we’ve seen has been incredible! We’ve already received over 1,900 suggestions, so thank you to everyone for sharing your ideas.

We’re actively reviewing all the great ideas you’ve submitted and adding them to the site. If you submitted an idea over the weekend, you can expect to see it by 5 PM PST today, Jan. 23. If you’d like to submit a new idea, you can check out the Gaming on Windows 10 Idea Drive and start typing an idea in the search bar to see if it’s been suggested already. If your idea doesn’t currently exist on the site, you’ll be given the option to post a new one.

Once you submit an idea, your suggestion will be in our moderation queue, where we’ll review it for content and clarity. With the considerable amount of incoming suggestions, we’re reviewing your ideas as quickly as we can and appreciate your patience.

Please be sure to check for new suggestions over the next few weeks and vote for the ones you like. The PC Gaming Team is keeping an eye on the forum and subreddit, so let us know how we can make gaming on Windows 10 even better.

We are excited about our journey to deliver more for gamers on Windows 10 and can’t wait to create new experiences for you based on your valuable feedback.

Note: If you need a reminder about the various phases of an Idea Drive or are new to Xbox Ideas, you can learn more about the process here.