Xbox Insider Settings

Xbox Insider Hub Update: Control your Xbox Insider Data with “Close Account”

As a team, we’re committed to serving as stewards of your data as we review your feedback about various Xbox services and features as well as the Xbox Insider Program and your involvement with it. Although we truly love and depend upon your various bug reports and survey responses, we acknowledge that the program may not be a good fit for everyone. Thus, we’re updating the Xbox Insider Hub to allow you to close your Xbox Insider Account and delete all information associated with the Xbox Insider Program from within the app.

To find the feature, click Settings and then click Manage account. Please note that the ‘Close account’ feature is permanent and deletes all Xbox Insider details, including flight enrollments, survey and poll responses, ratings, problem reports (including screenshots and game DVR clips), program level, and XP. Once your account is closed, these records cannot be restored. If you would like a copy of all Microsoft data associated with your account prior to closing, click Export data or visit

Additionally, upon choosing the “Close account” option, members of a system update preview ring will be prompted to take a console update returning their device to the latest publicly available OS. Similarly, all games made available via the Xbox Insider Program will no longer be playable, and you will need to manually uninstall the titles from your console. You’re more than welcome to return to the program in the future; however, you will start fresh with 0 XP at Level 1.

The ‘Close account’ feature affects only your Xbox Insider account and will not affect any other aspects of your Xbox Live account. Your Gamertag, Gamerscore, achievements, and digitally owned titles will remain untouched.