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Pumped BMX Pro Available Today on Xbox One and with Xbox Game Pass

Hello, Xbox Wire readers! We’re proud to announce that Pumped BMX Pro available now on Xbox One and with Xbox Game Pass.

Pumped BMX Pro is a trick-based BMX game which has you riding and grinding your way through 60 levels of ever increasing difficulty, each with its own challenges and feats to complete. Smashing your way through these could place you on global leaderboards with the best of the best, so make sure you land those tricks perfectly – a face full of mud won’t get you any points at all!

Pumped BMX Pro

While you’re pulling all your best 720 turn-down back-flip in Pumped BMX Pro, the one thing to always keep in mind is your momentum. Keeping a good pace to ensure you reach the next ramp or rail is the difference between your tires meeting the ground, or your body.  The ragdoll system will make you feel it if you don’t make it!  Making use of the Boost or Speed bonuses at the end of ramps will ensure you get enough height or distance to make the next section, so use these wisely.

Smashing scores needs a good rider and in Pumped BMX Pro you’ve got 15 to choose from, along with a whole bunch of bikes to select too.  If you’re not set on using one of the pre-set bikes you can take to the creator to create your own! Want a red frame with those green wheels? You can have it, and if you want some pink handlebars to go with that, you can do that too!

Pumped BMX Pro

We can’t wait for people to get their hands on the latest iteration from the Pumped franchise. As ever, you can find us on your favorite social media channels by searching ‘Curve Digital’ and we look forward to seeing you on the leaderboards today.

Pumped BMX Pro is available now on Xbox One and can be purchased through the Microsoft Store. It is also available today for Xbox Game Pass members.