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Gaming on Windows – State of Decay update!

Thanks to everyone who signed up to try out our new Windows gaming technology in the latest Windows Insider version. We were overwhelmed by the amazing response and quickly ran out of available slots. We’re currently reviewing feedback and looking at when some of the changes we’re making will be ready, which we think is likely this Friday (February 15th) or else early next week. As soon as that’s ready, we’ll add more slots for those who have registered at that time. To set expectations, we may not be able to accommodate everyone this time, either, but we’ll continue to add slots until we’re ready to release – be sure to watch for more announcements here! 

We really appreciate everyone who is actively trying out State of Decay right now, and if you see any problems downloading or installing the game, or if important functionality like game saving isn’t working, please be sure to use the Feedback Hub to tell us. Otherwise, enjoy, and we look forward to inviting others soon. Thanks again! 

REMINDER: BattlEye software (used by Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and other popular games) does not work correctly with builds flighted to the Windows Insider Fast ring since December. If you have a machine that is not already enrolled in Windows Insider Fast, and you play games that use BattlEye software, we recommend you do not join Windows Insider Fast on that personal computer. We are working closely with BattlEye and individual games are being updated with new BattlEye software to make sure they work properly with new Windows builds.