The Evoland Series: From Game Jam Project to Worldwide Success

Hello, time traveler! I’m Nicolas, lead game developer at Shiro Games, a French independent studio. We released Evoland and Evoland 2 on PC few years ago and we’re now introducing the Evoland Legendary Edition on Xbox One which includes both titles!

The initial concept of Evoland was imagined during a Game Jam (Ludum Dare #24). The theme of this Game Jam was evolution. We had the idea of creating a game which would evolve through its structure rather than through its content. From there, we worked on building a full game and because a large part of the team is formed by retro-gaming enthusiasts, Evoland‘s core concept is based on nostalgia, and Evoland 2 allowed us to explore more gameplay mechanics and graphic designs. For this game, we created four different eras, the antiquity (old Gameboy style), the past (NES), the Present (SNES), and the Future (N64).

Evoland Legendary Edition

The games are designed to be fun yet challenging adventures! You’ll find everything that made you love old-school adventure/RPG games (turn-based combat, tactical maps, collectibles, etc..) with a deep and interesting story.

Evoland Legendary Edition

Evoland Legendary Edition takes you on an epic adventure through space and time exploring the history of famous video game genres. As you progress through this epic adventure your game will evolve. You may start in a 2D environment, playing a classic “Final Fantasy-like” RPG and see yourself transported to a 3D shoot-them-up or a side scrolling Double Dragon-type of game!

There is a lot of mystery around the main character himself. Pay attention to the little details of the story, you will be able to pick up bits of information from the very first moment of gameplay to the very end, and try to piece together his real story. There are a few interesting views from various players who have crafted possible theories about our hero’s past, which could even be his future in some cyclic interpretations!

Evoland Legendary Edition

We really appreciate you reading this introduction to the Evoland Legendary Edition! We can’t wait for you to be able to experience this epic adventure on Xbox One. We truly hope you’ll love playing the game as much as we loved making it!