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A New Mission for Xbox Ambassadors

What does it mean to be an Xbox Ambassador? To some, it means sharing their unparalleled Xbox expertise with fellow gamers. Others define it as creating meaningful friendships with gamers from all walks of life. As for us, we think there are countless ways to be an Xbox Ambassador, all of which stem from a single commonality—a passion for community.

Commitment to community

At Xbox, we too are passionate about community. Our fans are at the center of all we do, making it paramount that Xbox is a place where everyone has fun, everyone. We know that different people have fun in different ways, and that’s why we strive to release products, services, and experiences that allow our fans to play their way—safe, together, and without boundaries.

Over the years, Clubs and Looking for Group have offered avenues to connect with gamers that may not have had the chance to play together otherwise; Xbox safety features have helped to build a safe and supportive environment for all gamers, at all levels; Xbox Design Labs has inspired Xbox fans to celebrate their personal style in their gaming experience; and, devices like the Xbox Adaptive Controller empowers us all by making gaming more accessible.

These examples demonstrate just how powerful a single passion for community can greatly impact the lives of individual gamers. We believe Xbox Ambassadors can be just as powerful.

The past, present, and future of Xbox Ambassadors

In 2011, the Xbox Ambassadors program was launched on the foundation of connecting gamers to gamers. The program continued to grow that vision by providing Xbox Ambassadors with ways to make a positive impact on the Xbox community through different types of activities.

Now, with the next evolution for Xbox Ambassadors on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to align the mission of Xbox Ambassadors with Xbox’s commitment to making gaming fun for everyone. We’re thrilled to take this opportunity to share with the greater Xbox community what the future looks like for Xbox Ambassadors.

We’re committed to empowering Xbox Ambassadors to make an impact on the community they love in ways that are important to them. Through engagement with current Xbox Ambassadors, we’ve tested a new set of activities we plan to make permanent features of the program in the future.

Examples of these activities are:

  • Welcome a new Xbox gamer
  • Play with a gamer from a different country
  • Play with a new friend
  • Befriend a new Club member
  • Help a friend unlock an achievement
  • Learn about Xbox safety
  • And more!

This is just the beginning. As we move forward with this vision, our goal is to create an Xbox Ambassador presence in as many places across Xbox as possible. We look to offer activities that interest all Xbox gamers and reward Xbox Ambassadors for all the positivity they spread in this community we value so much.

There is work underway to further recognize Xbox Ambassadors with badging, to foster the passions of Xbox Ambassadors through preferences and specializations, and to encourage and reward lifetime Xbox Ambassador milestones through an advanced levels system. New missions will continue to roll out to unlock XP through positive actions.

In all cases, we will look to Xbox Ambassadors to help define the specific areas of focus and detailed activities where we see the greatest impact across Xbox and the gaming community as a whole.

Join the movement

We ask again, what does it mean to be an Xbox Ambassador? They are creators, leaders, influencers, friends, fans, and of course, gamers. Now and in the future, Xbox Ambassadors set the bar for what it means to be a part of a positive gaming community.

Do you want to make an impact on the Xbox community? Become an Xbox Ambassador and let’s make Xbox fun for everyone, together.