State of Decay 2 “Choose Your Own Apocalypse” Update Adds New Difficulty Modes

During today’s “Inside Xbox” segment, we revealed more about the two all-new terrifyingly awesome difficulty levels coming to State of Decay 2 with the Choose Your Own Apocalypse Update (that we mentioned late last year) coming free to all Xbox players, including Xbox Game Pass members, starting on March 26.

We’ve heard the feedback from experienced and hardcore players, and with the Choose Your Own Apocalypse Update, players can jump in by either starting a new community or moving an existing community to a zone of their choice. From there, survivors can venture into either Dread or Nightmare Zones to explore the latest challenge in post-apocalyptic survival and crank their plague-battling up a notch. See below for additional details about the new Zones before testing your survival skills:

  • Dread Zones. This mode offers exciting challenges for experienced players, such as deadlier zombies, plague-infected juggernauts, a faster-acting blood plague, and fewer resources to scavenge.
  • Nightmare Zones. Feeling even friskier? Nightmare Zones are grueling endurance tests for hardcore players, featuring wandering groups of freaks and hostile humans capable of scoring lethal headshots against your survivors.

In addition to the above, the Choose Your Own Apocalypse Update also includes many quality-of-life fixes for a smoother Zed-slaying experience. Visit for an advance peek at some of the features, and make sure to check back on March 26 for the full list of updates.

New to the zombie-filled world of State of Decay 2? Get started with the Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition, or jump in through Xbox Game Pass today! How will you survive?