Idea Hub on Reddit

Help Us Rename “Feature Friday” via the Xbox Idea Hub

Here in the Xbox Insider section of the Wire, we make a point of calling out Xbox Insider participation as an important part of successfully launching features, updates, and games on Xbox and PC.  Xbox Ideas is a part of this success, enabling our community to make contributions that improve all aspects of the Xbox experience by sharing their ideas.  In the spirit of building a better Xbox experience together, we’re inviting you to help test an additional space for Xbox Idea Drives.

We’ve recently created a space within the r/XboxInsiders subreddit called the Xbox Idea Hub.  The Xbox Idea Hub is a standalone page where we can offer Idea Drives similar to what you may have seen previously on Xbox Ideas. Many users of the existing Xbox Ideas platform have shared feedback that they’d like to see some aspects of our Idea Drives changed, and we believe the Xbox Insider Subreddit can offer those desired changes, including:

  • No-wait moderation: When you post your idea, it shows up immediately
  • In-thread discussion: Within a comment thread, you can help develop any idea to its fullest potential
  • Better voting and sorting options: More control over how topics show up for you

As a member of the Xbox Insider Program, we’d like you to lead the way by testing this site before we expand it to the broader Xbox community.  To get started, check out the new Xbox Idea Hub.  Then, contribute to our first Idea Drive in this space – it’s focused on renaming “Feature Friday,” like we said in the title. (Note: If you’re a regular reader of the subreddit, you probably already know about “Feature Friday.” If not, you can read about it in the Idea Drive post and then give us your ideas.)

Once you’ve provided your ideas and upvoted the ones you like, please be sure to read the latest subreddit update post and leave your comments and feedback about the Xbox Idea Hub in the thread.

Thanks in advance, Xbox Insiders!  Your feedback here will help us as we prepare to share the Xbox Idea Hub with the world. Keep watching the blog here, or @XboxInsider on Twitter, for future announcements when we fully open the doors.