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Apex Legends Season 1 – Wild Frontier, Live Today on Xbox One

Welcome to the Wild Frontier. The first season of Apex Legends starts today, and new Legends, loot, and mysterious surprises are dropping into the arena. Check out what’s in store if you play for free, and learn what you get when you grab the Season 1 Battle Pass.


The Apex Games are just getting started, and expect plenty more good stuff coming through seasons. We drop these massive packs of content regularly throughout the year, and each season brings new Legends, fresh loot, and special events that change the Games.

Apex Legends

We’re kicking things off with Wild Frontier. The hunt is on, and you can grab the Season 1 Battle Pass to unlock tons of themed rewards as you level. Even if you don’t purchase the pass, you can still earn a Wild Frontier Legend skin, five Apex Packs, and 18 stat trackers for free. Plus, you can jump into the arena with the Games’ newest Legend, Octane.

Octane is Jumping into Battle

After blowing his legs off in a record-breaking gauntlet speed-run, Octavio “Octane” Silva is searching for an even bigger adrenaline rush. To find it, he’s racing into the Apex Games with freshly manufactured limbs and his own set of death-defying moves.

Apex Legends

His Adrenaline Junkie ability lets him trade health for speed, and he’s always ready for action with an endless supply of Stim health regeneration. Plus, his Launch Pad Ultimate Ability lets his squad catapult through the air and land right on top of the competition. Octane is now part of the Apex Legends roster, and he’s not slowing down for anything.

Get More with the Battle Pass and Bundle

The Battle Pass is your ticket to tons of rewards: once you buy the pass, every level you gain during Season 1 unlocks a Battle Pass reward. Weapon skins, banner frames, XP boosts, and over 100 other awesome rewards are yours for the taking. Plus, you’ll score three beastly Wild Frontier-themed Legend skins the moment you get the pass.

Apex Legends

The Battle Pass is available through the in-game shop for 950 Apex Coins. Keep leveling your Battle Pass and you can earn enough Apex Coins to unlock next season’s pass, no real cash required. Want to blast your way through the pass fast? Pick up the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,800 Apex Coins and it’ll unlock the next 25 Battle Pass levels (and their rewards) automatically for you.

Apex Legends is available for free now on Xbox One. Jump into the arena, hit the in-game store to grab the Battle Pass, and get ready to unleash the beast.