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Play Overwatch’s Newest Hero Today on Xbox One

Suit up as Overwatch’s 30th hero, Baptiste, a versatile combat medic who’s not afraid to dole out a few bullets between bandages—available to play starting today.

Jean-Baptiste Augustin was one of millions of children orphaned by the Omnic Crisis, the rebellion of robots against their human creators that plunged the planet into a catastrophic war. The devastation he witnessed compelled Baptiste to enlist as a special operative and combat medic in the Caribbean Coalition. He joined for one purpose: to help. But when his service was complete, the demand for his unique skill set dwindled. So, when the Talon mercenary group made him an offer, he accepted.

At first, working for Talon suited him; the money was good, and the missions went smoothly. But over time, the assignments became more brutal, and soon his actions were harming the civilian population. Realizing that his behavior no longer matched his beliefs, Baptiste left Talon behind, vowing to work toward making the world a better place—healing where he could, and fighting when he must.

Talon was not willing to simply let Baptiste make a clean break. Baptiste was now a liability, and the organization took radical measures to silence him. Talon operatives—including some former comrades who fought alongside Baptiste—attempted to apprehend or eliminate him to no success. Baptiste knows he cannot undo his past, so he focuses on a new purpose: making a difference.

In battle, Baptiste splits his time between healing his allies and dealing damage. His primary weapon, the Biotic Launcher, fires a three-round burst, eliminating threats and giving teammates room to maneuver. The Biotic Launcher also lobs a healing projectile, which heals allies near the point of impact, allowing them to dive back into the fray.

Baptiste’s Exo Boots allow him to take the high ground. This fancy footwear charges while he’s crouched and launches him into the air when activated, giving Baptiste the ability to escape an intense battle, find a vantage point to support his allies, or get a better shot at his enemies.

Assaulting the objective can sometimes be perilous. When teammates are pinned down or taking damage, activating Baptiste’s Regenerative Burst ability triggers a healing surge, restoring health to allies within the affected area.

Keeping teammates in the fight is Baptiste’s primary objective, and Immorality Field lets him do just that. Tossing the field generator into a battle will prevent allied health from dropping below a certain threshold as long as they remain within the protected area—even while enemies continue to try to deal damage.

Light them up! When Baptiste’s ultimate ability is charged, he can deploy the Amplification Matrix, a field that Baptiste and his allies can shoot through to amplify any damage and healing effects that passes through it.

Combined, all of these experimental devices and weaponry give this battle-hardened soldier a unique support role on the battlefield, spending time as both a healer and damage dealer. We’re calling all prospective agents from across the Xbox community to leap in-game and give Baptiste a go.

You can learn more about Overwatch and Baptiste—and check out his animated origin story—at PlayOverwatch.com, or you can just head into the game right now to join the battle on Xbox One. The world could always use more heroes.