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Keep Farming Like Never Before with the Anderson DLC for Farming Simulator 19

We’re exceptionally proud of Farming Simulator 19, the biggest and best game we’ve ever made at Giants Software, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep making it better. We’ve been improving the game with great free features and patches, but now we’re releasing on Xbox One some big additions from the Anderson Group brand as part of our first major DLC pack.

We’re focusing on baling for this DLC, adding new types of bale and new tools to interact with them from the Anderson brand of farm equipment. The new BioBaler WB-55 tool is used in the creation of new wood bales, requiring the harvesting of the poplar trees that you can already grow on your Farming Simulator 19 farm. These are sold at the sawmill, and the BioBaler requires a tractor with a bumper to attach to.

Farming Simulator 19 - Anderson DLC

We’re also improving some of the baling features already in Farming Simulator 19, with the two new inline wrapper tools allowing wrapping multiple bales together into a tube. These have several advantages, being easier and neater to store, as well as not requiring a silo. We also think they look pretty cool, but we’ll leave final judgement on that to you.

The Anderson DLC is available now on Xbox One, and includes a number of other new tools for transporting and wrapping bales – like four new bale collectors, including one with a maximum capacity of 24 round bales. We can’t wait to continue to build upon and improve the best Farming Simulator experience ever as we get deeper into the lifecycle of Farming Simulator 19.

Season Pass owners on Xbox One can download the Anderson Group Equipment Pack DLC from their consoles as part of the Season Pass

If you are a new Xbox One player, you can get the Anderson Group Equipment Pack DLC as a digital bundle offer from your Xbox One by purchasing the Farming Simulator 19 Premium Edition from the Microsoft Store.