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Explore the Next Frontier with Realm Royale’s New Battle Pass

Grab your mech suit: Realm Royale is heading to the next frontier! The all-new, sci-fi themed Battle Pass blasts off with 50 levels of content — including the HL-1700 Motorcycle Mount, which you can see above. The fantasy world of Realm Royale is about to collide with a futuristic set of out-of-this-world items!

If you’re new to Realm Royale, The Next Frontier Battle Pass is the perfect time to jump in! Face off in a battle royale of up to 99 opponents in Solo, Duo, or Squad game modes. Choose from one of four classes, then loot – or forge – weapons and abilities throughout the course of each match to claim the coveted Crown Royale. Summon your mount at any time to charge into (or away from) battle, and attempt to escape from certain doom in chicken form if you lose a fight!

No matter what class you prefer, The Next Frontier Battle Pass has an unlockable class skin for you. Get the drop on your enemies as the half-man, half-robot, all-amazing Six-Shooter Cyborg Assassin, or blaze a trail of vanquished opponents as a futuristic biker with the Cyber Rider Hunter. If you’re looking for something a little more tactical, the Hi-Tek Trooper Warrior has arrived from the battlefield of tomorrow to take up arms in the Realm. Finally, the Radon Flux Mage combines technology and magic to dominate the battlefield in style.

In the past we’ve offered everything from unicorns to velociraptors as mounts, but The Next Frontier Battle Pass adds an entirely new mount type: The HL-1700 motorcycle. Engineered to traverse the Realm with style and power, the new motorcycle mount pairs well with some of the class skins we’re offering with this Battle Pass. On the chicken side, we have two all-new techno-chicken skins: The robotic R0B0K chicken, and the cyber-armored BattleBok chicken.

We’re also introducing an all-new item in this Battle Pass, with two earnable map markers – place these markers on your mini-map and your in-game marking beam will transform into a column of colorful voxels or a futuristic beam of energy! Plus you’ll unlock a selection of titles, avatars, sprays, and more – this Battle Pass features a huge assortment of sci-fi themed items which you can use to tech-out your Realm Royale experience.

If you’re interested in earning some rewards before going all-in on The Next Frontier Battle Pass, we’re also offering 10 completely free rewards that can be earned just by playing during this Battle Pass, including the first tier of the Six-Shooter Cyborg Assassin skin.

Whether you’ve played through the previous Battle Passes and are eager to see what The Next Frontier holds, or you’re new to Realm Royale and are ready to start forging your legend for the first time, we hope you’ll join us in exploring undiscovered territories in The Next Frontier!