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Firestorm Brings Battle Royale to Battlefield V on Xbox One

Battlefield V players are in for a real heat wave in the new Firestorm mode on Xbox One. What is Firestorm? It’s 64-player battle royale with all the gunplay, destruction, and iconic Battlefield moments you’ve come to expect from the series. Find out what’ll be waiting for you when you face combat in a slowly shrinking ring of fire.

Survive the Firestorm

It wouldn’t be battle royale without a shrinking map, and in Firestorm, you’ll face a literal giant ring of fire. As it advances it’ll incinerate everything in its path: trees, buildings, vehicles, and you – if you don’t stay at least one step ahead of it.

The flames will start closing in from the moment you deploy, inevitably pushing you and every surviving soldier closer and closer together. You’ll need to keep your cool if you want to be the last one standing.

The Largest Battlefield Map Ever

You’ll get your first good look at this enormous map as you parachute from your drop plane. At ten times the size of the current largest Battlefield V map, Hamada, Halvøy gives you plenty of space on land, sea, and air to scavenge, find cover, and fight to survive. As soon as you make your jump, you’ll want to start scoping out major landmarks, supply points, and of course cover for you and your squad mates.

Speaking of squad mates, Firestorm provides options for taking on your enemies. Feel like going in as a lone wolf? Solo play is for you. Want as many allies as you can get? Squad up with three friends and face the danger together.

Remember, you’ve got one real shot at survival – end up on the wrong side of a bullet (or a full clip) and you’re done. The right allies can help keep you healed, supplied, and in the fight.

Battlefield V - Firestorm

Scavenge to Survive

Once you’ve got boots on the ground, your priority must be securing weapons and armor. While you’ll be able to enter Firestorm with any soldier from your Company, you won’t have access to any Class perks or Combat Roles . . . and you’ll be empty-handed. You’d better not stay that way for long.

In this mode, you’ll have limited inventory space for weapons, ammo, and gadgets, so plan accordingly. Weapons and their corresponding ammo will be at the top of your list. In Firestorm they come in three rarities, Common, Rare, and Epic – so if you want some serious added benefits, try to get your hands on the highest rarity level you can find.

Being armed is great, being armored is even better. You’ll start with an Armor Vest with space for up to three Armored Plates. These plates will protect you from some weapon and explosive damage and will need to be swapped out regularly.

You’ll also have four gadget slots available in your inventory; one dedicated to healing items, one for grenades and two more for whatever else you might find while scavenging. For example, hanging onto a Sticky Grenade or Panzerfaust until the right moment can get you out of a tricky situation and back in the fight.

Want to carry more? Keep your eyes peeled for backpacks. They’ll give you up to six more inventory slots to fill with gear for yourself and your squad mates.

Play the Objective

One big thing that Firestorm shares with other Battlefield V modes is the importance of playing the objective (taking and holding strategically important locations on the map). Play together effectively with your squad and you’ll reap some of the mode’s greatest rewards, including weapons, gadgets, healing supplies, and even combat vehicles. Keep your eyes open for Safes, Strongboxes, Supply Drops, Re-supply Points, and Vehicle Lockups as you’re patrolling the map.

Battlefield V - Firestorm

Start Your Engines

Whether you’re looking to outrun the ring of flames or clear out a nest of enemies, you’re going to want to get your hands on one of the powerful combat vehicles available in this mode. Look for Vehicle Lockups, which appear as formidable bunkers in strategic locations around the map. You’ll need to work the mechanisms (on either side of the door) to unlock them, and as soon as you do a loud alarm will sound, alerting everyone nearby so move fast.

If you can secure one of 17 types of vehicles you’ll find there before your enemies can stop you, it’ll give you a distinct advantage on the battlefield. In addition to many familiar vehicles (like tanks), there’s a chance to get your hands on five Firestorm-specific ones including helicopters, sports cars, and even (believe it or not) tractors. Remember to keep your vehicle well fueled if you want to stay in the fight, run out and you’re going to become a very tempting target.

The Heatwave Doesn’t End Here

Firestorm will continue to grow after launch, with new features and game improvements available to all Battlefield V players as part of Tides of War, so don’t miss out!

Battlefield V is available now on Xbox One, enhanced for Xbox One X, on the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.