Enter the Gungeon: A Farewell to Arms

A Farewell to Arms, Enter the Gungeon’s Grand Finale, Available Now on Xbox One

Enter the Gungeon: A Farewell to Arms is the final DLC expansion of Gungeon and it releases today on Xbox One for free. This is exactly three years to the day since Enter the Gungeon’s initial release, and just under five years since our studio, Dodge Roll, formed and began working on the game. Five years. Wow.

The success of Gungeon has been nothing short of mystifying, and for our small team, certainly life-changing as well. I’ve told this anecdote before, but I remember having discussions during Gungeon’s development amongst the team where the thought of selling 100,000 copies was something that we didn’t even want to talk about because it seemed too lofty of a dream. It is wild to think that to date Gungeon has sold more than two million copies… not many indie games can say that. It was a lot of hard work, but we also believe we got really lucky.

Enter the Gungeon

We seem to have lucked out in another way as well; the people playing our game are awesome. Watching you play, reading the comments, the fan fiction, seeing the fan art, the contests… it has been a real pleasure. When we set out to make Gungeon we wanted to make a good game, we wanted to have lots of players, but we never really understood or expected that we would have a community. Thank you all, it has been awesome to experience, and we sincerely hope the community continues being awesome together and making awesome stuff.

People who have followed the game know that we initially planned for the third update to Gungeon to be a paid DLC. They also know that that plan was scrapped late last year in favor of moving on to new projects, but that the content planned for the DLC would be scoped down and released as a free update with a few things in it, mostly as a goodbye to the game and a thank you to fans. The plan was to have it out by the end of 2018.

Well, obviously that didn’t work out!

Enter the Gungeon

In typical Dodge Roll fashion, we kept having dumb ideas and felt that they needed to go in the game. As a result, A Farewell to Arms is a significantly bigger than the small update we announced last year, and is about the size of our first update, Supply Drop. In addition to the announced guns, items, and synergies and the randomized Paradox character, there is another new (and wildly OP) character, a new secret floor with a new boss, a new gameplay mode stolen from inspired by the community, a new NPC, a new shrine, and a new variant of a hard enemy, and as well as a massive balance pass on some of the more mediocre items. Our previous update was a little rough at launch, but we very specifically took extra time in the testing phase for this update and we hope we have found and fixed all of the major issues (Kaliber willing).

Enter the Gungeon’s final update, A Farewell to Arms, is now live. It will download and install automatically if you have that enabled. We sincerely hope you enjoy what we’ve added. This may be the end of Enter the Gungeon, but the Gungeon remains.

Thank you for playing!