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Introducing the Amazing Underwearriors of Brief Battles, Coming Soon to Xbox One

On behalf of our two-person crew at Juicy Cupcake, I’m excited to announce that Brief Battles will be released May 7 on Xbox One! Before you embrace the power of the butt next month, we wanted to introduce you to the Underwearriors and crossover skins you’ll be battlin’ with.

Butt first… if you’re unaware of our underwear game, we’ve got you covered: Brief Battles is a fast-paced, underwear-fueled party game where you use your underpants to fight your friends. The game is packed with underwear themed party modes for up to four players, plus a hefty haul of solo and co-op challenges. There are 50 unique, and sometimes treacherous, arenas across five regions to battle in, and accessibility options to open up the game for everyone.

Brief Battles

Creating characters is one of the most rewarding and exciting parts of game development. With Brief Battles, we faced the challenge of making instantly beloved characters without dialogue or a story. Through character art, we drafted Underwearriors of wildly different backgrounds with distinct styles that immediately draw players in with their sassy, unusual, or cute designs.

Each character we created was heavily playtested, looking out for those that instantly resonated with players. Because all character abilities are equal in Brief Battles, you can pick the character you’re most attached to. Professor Tubbins was an early favorite, while a friend of mine won’t ever let anyone else play as Violet. It’s simply off-limits.

We ended up with a lineup of six core characters, which we branded “Underwearriors thanks to an amazing suggestion from our Kickstarter community!

Brief Battles

The Underwearriors

In Brief Battles, you choose an Underwearrior for battle. They’re all cute, plump, jiggly, and can easily leap and maneuver through arenas using their sticky nubs to grab any safe surfaces. Roof and wall climbing are a must!

True power comes from their underpants you’ll find scattered in presents throughout battle arenas. There are powerful treasures packed inside, like flaming hot pants, icy undies, buns of steel and toxic tighty-whities.

When it comes to choosing your Underwearrior you can pick from Sparrow the Aviator, Professor Tubbins the Prof., Violet the Punk, Kevin the “hero,” Betty the Buccaneer, and Chad the Beach Bum.

The Crossovers

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re introducing six crossover skins to the Brief Battles Underwearrior lineup! We love crossovers and are serious fans of the characters that we’re lucky enough to include.


Yooka-Laylee Violet – Based on Yooka & Laylee from Yooka-Laylee. Yooka, Laylee, and Violet collide to become a chameleon punk. Apparently having a bat as a best friend wasn’t already punk enough?

Brief Battles

CommanderVideo Chad – Based on CommanderVideo from Bit.Trip Runner. Chad trades in chill beachy threads for a trippin’ rainbow cape.

Brief Battles

Goo Kevin – Based on Goo from World of Goo. Two strange blobs combine to make the ultimate sticky blob!

Brief Battles

Machinarium Tubbins – Based on Josef from Machinarium. Robo-Tubbins is ready to rumble.

Brief Battles

Toto Sparrow Deluxe – Based on the Red toto from Toto Temple Deluxe. This Toto Sparrow mash-up shifts all focus from goats to undies.

Brief Battles

Stumpy Kevin – Based on the Stumpt YouTube channel mascot, Stumpy. Based on the Stumpt YouTube channel mascot, Stumpy

Brief Battles

To unlock and discover crossovers in-game, you’ll need to master solo or co-op challenges. On top of these crossover skins we also have a few regular skins to discover that we designed with the help of our community. We hope you’ll have a blast battlin’ with these Underwearriors and crossovers next month!

Brief Battles is available for pre-order on Xbox One via the Microsoft Store. Click here for more details.