Rock Band 4 Rivals - Season 11 Small Image

Rock Band 4 Rivals New Season Turns It up to 11

We’ve just started up a new season for Rock Band 4 Rivals players, making this an opportune time to join a crew and get in on the action. As if that wasn’t enough, for this first week of the season, we’ll be featuring free access to all of the features in the Rivals upgrade, including Rivals mode, the Rockudrama campaign, and the 40+ songs that come with Rivals. So, get in there and check it out.

Rivals Mode – Where the Action is

Rivals is the team-based, competitive online mode that serves as the backbone for the Rock Band 4 Rivals experience. For a quick refresher on how Rivals works, check out this Xbox Wire article from last September.

Participants in Season 11 will feature exclusive rewards, like a collection of track skins that you can use to customize your note highway. This is a relatively new feature in Rock Band 4 and a fun bit of customization that was loudly requested by the Rock Band community.

Rock Band 4 Rivals - Season 11

Check it out – for Free

As mentioned above, we’re hosting a free trial of Rivals mode for the first week of Season 11. For those of you who play Rock Band 4 casually, we urge you to pop in and check it out. There’s a lot of really fun stuff in there! You can play for free with Rock Band 4 from today through to April 24.

Stay Connected

Lastly, Rivals players should check out the updated companion app. It’s a must-have for any Rivals player — it is completely free and links to your Xbox Gamertag to show account gameplay information. You can view weekly challenge data, see your activity feed, manage/moderate crews, and even engage in app-only features such as crew chat. Also, we will be in contact with app users about the ways we can improve the Rock Band 4 Rivals experience moving forward, so be sure to make your voice heard!