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Purple Chicken Spaceman Pre-orders Presently Procurable on Xbox One

When we were creating Purple Chicken Spaceman, a game about an off-color fowl flying through space and fighting aliens, obviously our primary concern was realism. Gamers are, by nature, logical creatures and will find flaws and holes in any story. Being a very small studio comprised of a handful of people working in our spare time between full time jobs and raising families, we couldn’t afford to let you gamers down with sloppy design.

Our first question was, “What would a chicken wear for a space helmet?”  The answer is clear; a fishbowl – easy enough. However if the fishbowl were fully on his head, how would he possibly shoot eggs out of his mouth at enemies, as chickens are wont to do? It wouldn’t make sense!  So naturally we uncovered his beak by sitting the bowl atop his head.

Purple Chicken Spaceman

Other questions included basic musings such as “Do chickens wear parkas when fighting abominable snow monsters?” and “How long can a chicken hold its breath underwater?” These are the kinds of details that we are sure you as gamers will pick up on and we had to make sure were accurate.

Also we’re old. Not covered wagons and dysentery old, but we’re getting on. We were there when the ozone got holes in it. So our gaming experience started with the classics. And what did we like most about those? When they got so brutally difficult that most of the challenge was trying not to pitch your controller at the television set. We wanted to share that happy memory with kids and adults alike.

Purple Chicken Spaceman

And the music, it had to be perfect. The only person capable of headlining the soundtrack for a game called Purple Chicken Spaceman could only be Parry Gripp, the author of such classic songs as “Baby Monkey Riding Backwards on a Pig” and “Penguin With a Funky Shoe” so we approached him and he was in, completely without us having to resort to desperate and questionable means, which was nice.

So here it is, pre-orderable and finally ready to share with the world! And we couldn’t be more excited to help put a few more blisters where they belong, on the tips of thumbs everywhere.  See you on the leaderboards!

Purple Chicken Spaceman

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