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Save up to 80% in the Capcom Publisher Sale on Xbox One

The time has come, Xbox fans! Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2, Monster Hunter: World, and many more Capcom games are on sale as part of the Capcom Publisher Sale on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One for a limited time! Save up to 80% on a variety of titles and get ready to ssstylishly slash, survive, and hunt your way through some of Capcom’s best! Here’s a couple of highlights to look for:

Devil May Cry 5 (up to 33% off)

Jackpot! Devil May Cry 5 is on sale for the first time! Continuing the legendary storyline of the Devil May Cry games, the latest entry drops you into the battleground of a new demonic invasion where humanity’s last hope rests in the hands of three demon hunters: Nero, Dante, and series newcomer V.

Switch weapons and styles on the fly with Dante, bring the hurt to enemies with Nero’s variety of Devil Breaker arms, and use your own demons against the opposition as V. Put your skills to the ultimate test with the recent free DLC addition of Bloody Palace, an extra quick-elimination mode that pits players against hordes of progressively difficult enemies.

It’s never been a better time to show off your Smokin’ Sexy Style! Remember to check the add-ons section in-game for additional content, including the free Devil Breaker skin “Monkey Business!”

Resident Evil 2 (up to 33% off)

The terrifying nightmare that began back in 1998 returns with this remake of the survival horror classic! Featuring stunning graphics and an over-the-shoulder camera angle to bring fear to new heights, take control of rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy or street smart college student Claire Redfield as they attempt to escape the once-vibrant metropolis of Raccoon City.

Keep your wits – and maybe a green herb or two – about you to survive this city of the undead. Grab the Deluxe Edition for additional costumes to survive in style, a unique Samurai Edge handgun, and more! Prepare yourself – there’s much worse creatures than zombies lurking in the shadows.

Monster Hunter: World (up to 60% off)

With a new world comes new opportunities, hunters! And now’s a great time to jump in to Monster Hunter: World with the upcoming Iceborne expansion on the way. Explore a brand-new land and battle against fearsome creatures. Create your hunter, choose from 14 different weapons you can swap at almost any time, and join up to three other hunters online to take down fearsome foes! Use what you’ve found during your hunts to craft new gear and take on even greater challenges in search of the New World’s deepest secrets.

Mega Man 11 (up to 20% off)

Dr. Wily is up to his old tricks, and it’s once again up to Mega Man to put a stop to his evil schemes! This time around, the devious Doctor has tossed a wrench into the works by reviving research from his youth – the Double Gear system – and stealing eight robots from Dr. Light to reprogram for his wicked plans. It’s up to Mega Man to put a stop to the rogue ‘bots and defeat Dr. Wily! On top of classic gameplay and claiming fallen Robot Master weapons for your own, you can use your own Double Gear System to  speed up Mega Man to slow enemies and projectiles around him or supercharge your Mega Buster for extra powerful shots as you jump and shoot your way through colorful stages.

That’s just a handful of what’s available in the Capcom Publisher Sale on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One, so be sure to check out what’s available, grab some games, and get to playing!