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The Future is Yours in Fortnite Season 9 on Xbox One

The volcano has erupted and forever changed some familiar locations in Fortnite, and from the ashes, Neo Tilted rises. Grab your squad to explore new attractions like Peely’s Banana Stand and Nugget Hut or take a glide over to the new Mega Mall to do some shopping before the storm hits. Need to get around quickly? Catch a ride and traverse areas by flying in and out of the new Slipstream wind transportation system or use the new Air Vents to quickly navigate from building to building.

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As always, a new season also means a brand-new Battle Pass. Over 100 new exclusive rewards are ready for you to unlock, and it still costs the same 950 V-bucks. This season, you’ll get the Sentinel Outfit and Rox progressive Outfit instantly when you purchase the Battle Pass. As you level up your Battle Pass, you’ll unlock new rewards like new dual pickaxes, a robo kitty, flying disc toys, and more! And at Tier 100, you’ll unlock a battle-tested progressive outfit: Vendetta.

Finally, new to this Fortnite Season’s Battle Pass are Fortbytes. Use clues to earn and locate hidden pickups around the island, helping you unlock rewards and uncover the secrets of Season 9.

Fortnite Season 9


The future is in your hands! Build your own imagined version of Neo Tilted using futuristic prefab sets and gallery options. Hover platforms allow for sky-high construction and are great for platforming. New season, new city, new opportunities for great games.

Fortnite Season 9

Save The World

Lok claims to have met a strange visitor unlike anything Homebase has ever seen. Join Ray and company in the new “Tales of Beyond” quest line and investigate this mysterious visitor to unlock new event themed Heroes!

Grab a group, jump into Homebase, and take part in the brand new Wargames game mode! Battle it out in the four unique simulations that are available with the launch of Season 9.