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Tips and Tactics for a Battle of the Butts in Brief Battles, Available Now on Xbox One

It’s time to grab your luckiest pair of undies and embrace the power of the butt, because Brief Battles is now available on Xbox One!

For those unfamiliar, in Brief Battles, you use superpowered underpants to fight your friends! It’s a fast-paced, underwear-fueled party game that lets you wage hilarious battles with friends, family and foes, cheek to cheek on the comfort of your couch.

Brief Battles is also brimming with solo and co-op challenges to test your skills, battle beasties, and unlock neat crossover skins from Yooka-Laylee, World of Goo, Bit.Trip Runner, and  more.

Our two-person team is ecstatic to share Brief Battles with couch gaming fans. To get you battle ready, we’re sharing our best tips and strategies to give you an underwear-fueled edge over your friends in our competitive multiplayer modes! Here we go:

Brief Battles

Classic Battle – Free For All  |  Classic Battle – Team

Classic Battle – Free For All offers deathmatch-style battles with free-for-all chaos and quick respawns. The team variant allows you to battle with groups of 2v2, 2v1, or 3v1. Classic Battle is a great accessible starting point for butt-em-up battlers, where just about any strategy works.

  • When you’ve been popped in battle, use your invulnerable respawn time wisely to grab a new pair of undies!
  • It’s tempting to ground pound through an enemy mid-air over treacherous arena obstacles. It seems like an easy score, right? Wrong! Unless you can take more than one opponent as you plummet to your demise, you’ll lose the point you gained by popping yourself on the environment.
  • If you’re playing the ‘Team’ variant, I’d simply suggest not taking out your teammates! Attacking your buddies with undies will only stun them, but pant pounds are fatal. Be careful when slamming down your buns!

Brief Battles

Hold the Gold – Classic  |  Hold the Gold – Bare Buns

In Hold the Gold Classic, you must battle to cling to the sole pair of hefty golden underpants, using other super-powered underpants available to take down the golden undies holder. In the Bare Buns variant, you all start out pantless! You’ll need to pant pound and scramble to grab and hold the golden undies to cover up your bare buns.

  • Too many Underwearriors on your tail in HTG Classic? Don’t be afraid to drop the golden undies and switch to the offensive with a pair of super-powered undies. This can be a great play and shock those who are chasing you down for your shiny golden jocks!
  • Golden undies slow you down, but don’t stop you from doing a heckin’ fast super jump. In HTG Bare Buns, use super jump wherever possible and frequently change direction to outmaneuver those chasing you down! Playing solo Underpants Collector challenges can help a lot with movement technique.

Brief Battles

Knockout – Classic  |  Knockout – High Health

In Knockout modes, you battle to be the last Underwearrior standing at the end of each round, but your playstyle and strategy for both mode variants need to differ greatly.

  • KO Classic is super quick, with every move you make important. Keep your distance unless you’re ready to take on your opponents with a winning strike.
  • Know your undies and their strengths/weaknesses! Don’t take opponents head on if you don’t have the right undies to match them and win.
  • In KO High Health, things are more tactical. Regular heavy hitting underwear only deal a fraction of damage, and sharp shooting icy undies just chip away at opponents. Pant pound is the only way to instantly pop your opponents, so stick to roofs where possible and avoid anyone sneaking above you.
  • In KO High Health, area of effect damage from nearby pant pounds or explosions is quite effective, so even if you miss when slamming down with a pant pound, you can deal some serious splash damage.

Brief Battles

Underpants Collector

UC is a party style mode with super-quick rounds. You’ll need to race the clock to grab all the underpants you can, and lock in your haul before time runs out! We’ve found that there are three key strategies we use often:

  • #1 Avoid and Collect: Try staying under the radar and collect undies that aren’t going to get you in a clash with other players, only using super-powered undies defensively. This strategy usually allows you to collect big hauls of undies dropped from clashes between other players!
  • #2 The steal: Wait for the underpants to come to you! Near the end of each round, a portal spawns which players must jump through to lock in their undies haul.. Instead of collecting underpants yourself, simply pick up a pair of powerful super-powered undies and wait at to take out other players as they rush to the portal, stealing their haul for yourself.
  • #3 GetOuttaMyWay: If sneaking around or waiting to steal undies right at the last minute doesn’t suit you, try playing aggressively! Chase down everyone in sight, whether they have undies or not, and collect a haul along the way.

Brief Battles

In addition to these strategies, here are two helpful tips:

  • Avoid welding Buns of Steel while playing Underpants Collector. Buns of Steel are hefty undies that slow you down. The undies you collect also slow you down once you have a decent collection, making movement extra tricky while trying to rush into the portal to lock in your score.
  • If you’re not going to make it back to the portal in time to lock in your haul, try taking everyone else out with ranged undies, so that they can’t score either. If you have a leading score already from previous rounds, keeping others from scoring is a great tactic!

Hopefully, these tips and strategies help you become the Ultimate Underwearrior. May your butt reign supreme! You can pick up Brief Battles today on Xbox One from the Microsoft Store.