This Week’s Deals With Gold And Spotlight Sale

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 20 May 2019.

These deals expired at 10:00 am UTC on Tuesday May 21st 2019

Xbox One Deals

Content TitleContent TypeDiscountNotes
Brawlout Standard EditionXbox One X Enhanced50%DWG
Shovel Knight: Treasure TroveXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Devious Dungeon 2Xbox One Game20%Spotlight
Horizon Chase TurboXbox One X Enhanced40%Spotlight
Surviving MarsXbox One X Enhanced67%Spotlight
Surviving Mars – Digital Deluxe EditionXbox One X Enhanced67%Spotlight
Surviving Mars – First Colony EditionXbox One X Enhanced67%Spotlight
Valentino Rossi The GameXbox One Game75%DWG
Blood Bowl 2 – Legendary EditionXbox One Game75%DWG
Digerati Family Friendly BundleXbox One Game60%DWG
Forsaken RemasteredXbox One X Enhanced75%DWG
The Coma: RecutXbox One Game70%DWG
Hyper JamXbox One X Enhanced25%DWG
Blackwood CrossingXbox One Game40%DWG
Brawlout Deluxe EditionXbox One X Enhanced50%DWG
I am BreadXbox One Game50%DWG
MotoGP18Xbox One X Enhanced75%DWG
Seasons After FallXbox One Game75%DWG
Sébastien Loeb Rally EVOXbox One Game75%DWG
Tour de France 2018Xbox One Game75%DWG
Yet Another Zombie Defense HDXbox One X Enhanced33%DWG
BUNDLE – Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure and Sublevel Zero: ReduxXbox One Game60%Spotlight
The BridgeXbox One Game75%Spotlight
TumblestoneXbox One Game75%Spotlight
Demetrios – The BIG Cynical AdventureXbox One Game70%Spotlight
CastlesXbox One Game50%Spotlight
R.B.I. Baseball 19Xbox One Game17%Spotlight
EVERSPACE – EncountersXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Flutter BombsXbox One Game25%Spotlight
FOR HONOR Standard EditionXbox One X Enhanced67%Spotlight
Life is Strange 2 – Episode 1Xbox One X Enhanced50%Spotlight
Get EvenXbox One Game75%Spotlight
Aven ColonyXbox One Game67%Spotlight
EVERSPACEXbox Play Anywhere75%Spotlight
STEEPXbox One X Enhanced50%Spotlight
Guns, Gore and CannoliXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Just Cause 3Xbox One Game70%Spotlight
Overcooked!Xbox One Game67%Spotlight
Battle Chasers: NightwarXbox One X Enhanced75%Spotlight
Hungry Shark WorldXbox One Game50%Spotlight
8-Bit Invaders!Xbox One Game67%Spotlight
Agatha Christie – The ABC MurdersXbox One Game70%Spotlight
ARCADE GAME SERIES 3-in-1 PackXbox One Game50%Spotlight
ARCADE GAME SERIES: DIG DUGXbox One Game50%Spotlight
ARCADE GAME SERIES: Ms. PAC-MANXbox One Game50%Spotlight
ARCADE GAME SERIES: PAC-MANXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Black the FallXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Chroma SquadXbox One Game75%Spotlight
Clouds & Sheep 2Xbox One Game50%Spotlight
Deadbeat HeroesXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Deus Ex: Mankind DividedXbox One Game85%Spotlight
Dynamite Fishing – World GamesXbox One Game60%Spotlight
Fear Effect SednaXbox One Game85%Spotlight
Flying Tigers: Shadows Over ChinaXbox One Game50%Spotlight
FuriXbox One Game60%Spotlight
Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2Xbox One Game40%Spotlight
Impact WinterXbox One Game75%Spotlight
Just Cause 3: XXL EditionXbox One Game70%Spotlight
Lara Croft and the Temple of OsirisXbox One Game85%Spotlight
Life is Strange Complete Season (Episodes 1-5)Xbox One Game80%Spotlight
Life is Strange: Before the Storm Complete SeasonXbox One Game70%Spotlight
Life is Strange: Before the Storm Deluxe EditionXbox One Game70%Spotlight
Monopoly PlusXbox One Game70%Spotlight
Murdered: Soul SuspectXbox One Game85%Spotlight
NecropolisXbox One Game75%Spotlight
OctahedronXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Oh My GodheadsXbox One Game75%Spotlight
Plague RoadXbox One Game85%Spotlight
Rayman LegendsXbox One Game75%Spotlight
Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega BattleXbox One Game75%Spotlight
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionXbox One Game85%Spotlight
The EscapistsXbox One Game75%Spotlight
Thea: The AwakeningXbox One Game50%Spotlight
ThiefXbox One Game85%Spotlight
Tomb Raider: Definitive EditionXbox Game Pass80%Spotlight
Trivial Pursuit Live!Xbox One Game60%Spotlight
UNOXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Worms BattlegroundsXbox One Game75%Spotlight
Soul Calibur VIXbox One X Enhanced67%Spotlight
Final Fantasy XV Royal EditionXbox One X Enhanced50%Spotlight
Asdivine HeartsXbox Play Anywhere40%Spotlight
My Hero One’s JusticeXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Revenant DogmaXbox Play Anywhere30%Spotlight
Final Fantasy Type-0 HDXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2Xbox One Game75%Spotlight
Romancing SaGa 2Xbox Play Anywhere25%Spotlight
Sword Art Online: Fatal BulletXbox One X Enhanced60%Spotlight
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 ROAD TO BORUTOXbox One Game50%Spotlight
ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG 2Xbox One Game50%Spotlight
ACA NEOGEO ROBO ARMYXbox One Game50%Spotlight
ACA NEOGEO THE KING OF FIGHTERS ‘96Xbox One Game50%Spotlight
Asdivine Hearts IIXbox Play Anywhere30%Spotlight
Bloodstained: Curse of the MoonXbox One Game35%Spotlight
Chronus ArcXbox Play Anywhere30%Spotlight
Dead or Alive 6Xbox One X Enhanced20%Spotlight
Dead or Alive 6 Digital Deluxe EditionXbox One X Enhanced20%Spotlight
Fernz GateXbox Play Anywhere40%Spotlight
Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: ComradesXbox One X Enhanced50%Spotlight
Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HDXbox One Game40%Spotlight
Final Fantasy XV Royal PackAdd-On50%Spotlight
Final Fantasy XV Season PassAdd-On50%Spotlight
Final Fantasy XV Episode GladiolusAdd-On50%Spotlight
Final Fantasy XV Episode IgnisAdd-On50%Spotlight
Final Fantasy XV Episode PromptoAdd-On50%Spotlight
KYUBXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Lumines RemasteredXbox One X Enhanced40%Spotlight
Mitsurugi Kamui HikaeXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Momodora: Reverie Under the MoonlightXbox One Game50%Spotlight
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 2Xbox One Game50%Spotlight
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full BurstXbox One Game50%Spotlight
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4Xbox One Game50%Spotlight
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM TrilogyXbox One Game50%Spotlight
NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORMXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Raiden VXbox One Game60%Spotlight
Rival MegagunXbox One Game25%Spotlight
Shenmue I & IIXbox One Game35%Spotlight
Shining Resonance RefrainXbox One X Enhanced50%Spotlight
Sonic ManiaXbox One X Enhanced30%Spotlight
Sonic Mania: Encore DLCAdd-On30%Spotlight
Soul Calibur VI Deluxe EditionXbox One X Enhanced40%Spotlight
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Complete EditionXbox One X Enhanced50%Spotlight
Tembo the Badass ElephantXbox One Game60%Spotlight
The VideoKidXbox Play Anywhere30%Spotlight
TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-Xbox One Game50%Spotlight
Valkyria Chronicles 4Xbox One X Enhanced50%Spotlight
Valkyria RevolutionXbox One Game60%Spotlight
World of Final Fantasy MaximaXbox One X Enhanced50%Spotlight
ZAZEN, zen meditation gameXbox One Game50%Spotlight

*These offers are only valid for Xbox Live Gold members.

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region.

Xbox 360 Deals

Content TitleContent TypeDiscountNotes
Mirror’s EdgeBackward Compatible75%DWG
Legend of Kay AnniversaryGames On Demand85%DWG
Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Burning EarthGames On Demand85%DWG
Army of TWO – The Devil’s CartelGames On Demand75%DWG
Farming Simulator 15 – New HollandAdd-On33%DWG
Elements Of DestructionArcade85%DWG
SpongeBob SquarePants Underpants Slam!Arcade85%DWG
Battlestations: MidwayBackward Compatible75%Spotlight Sale
Battlestations: PacificBackward Compatible75%Spotlight Sale
Deus Ex: Human RevolutionBackward Compatible90%Spotlight Sale
Dungeon Siege IIIBackward Compatible80%Spotlight Sale
Just CauseBackward Compatible90%Spotlight Sale
Just Cause 2Backward Compatible90%Spotlight Sale
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog DaysBackward Compatible80%Spotlight Sale
Lara Croft and the Guardian of LightBackward Compatible90%Spotlight Sale
Quantum ConundrumBackward Compatible75%Spotlight Sale
ScarygirlBackward Compatible85%Spotlight Sale
Supreme Commander 2Backward Compatible75%Spotlight Sale
ThiefGames On Demand90%Spotlight Sale
Tomb RaiderGames On Demand90%Spotlight Sale
Kane & Lynch: Dead MenGames On Demand80%Spotlight Sale
Mini NinjasGames On Demand90%Spotlight Sale
Murdered: Soul SuspectGames On Demand90%Spotlight Sale
Rise of the Tomb RaiderGames On Demand80%Spotlight Sale
Sleeping DogsGames On Demand85%Spotlight Sale
Final Fantasy XIIIBackward Compatible50%Spotlight Sale
Final Fantasy XIII-2Backward Compatible50%Spotlight Sale
GyromancerBackward Compatible50%Spotlight Sale
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIBackward Compatible50%Spotlight Sale
Yosumin! LIVEBackward Compatible50%Spotlight Sale
VanquishBackward Compatible75%Spotlight Sale
Virtua Fighter 5 Final ShowdownBackward Compatible67%Spotlight Sale
Cyber Troopers Virtual On Oratorio TangramBackward Compatible67%Spotlight Sale

*These offers are only valid for Xbox Live Gold members.

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region.