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A Tourist Guide to American Fugitive’s Redrock Country

Hey, city slickers. If Gordon Gekko is getting you down with absurd sales targets, jump on a Greyhound and visit the beautiful Redrock County, winner of 1981’s Most Active Home Defense and Speediest Police Response awards.

Aside from being home to the largest maximum security penitentiary in the tri-state area, Redrock hosts a wonderfully diverse blend of commerce, residential areas, natural beauty hot-spots and agricultural land — all of which you can experience today on Xbox One with the release of American Fugitive.

American Fugitive

Ignore what you may have heard from our jealous neighbours about “rising crime waves” and “a hub for international organised crime.” Our exciting and prosperous city is a serene and tranquil holiday destination, perfect for the family vacation.

Okay. So, we did have a slight crime spike for a while. Thanks to the tireless work of Mayor “Zero-Tolerance” Hamilton and Police Chief Hank “Ask Questions Later” McCoy, we snuffed out those problems almost overnight.

American Fugitive

Even now, our highly trained deputies patrol the streets round-the-clock, on the lookout for the slightest hint of law-breaking to clamp down on, with armoured response units and air support on hand should violence ever escalate. Besides, our neighborhood watch pride themselves on home defense.

Here’s a few fun things to do in Redrock County during your stay:

  • Shopping:Enjoy some retail therapy at one of our friendly stores that are open 24-hours. Our town boasts numerous outlets from clothing boutiques, automobile showrooms, weapon stores, pharmacies, and gas stations. Stay energised by enjoying some award-winning food and drink at our bars, cafes, diners and donut shops.

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  • Scenic Views: We’re fortunate to have been blessed with a wonderful array of natural attractions, from the famous sandstone of our sedimentary and igneous rock faces and hoodoos, lakes and rivers, and the rolling maize fields.

American Fugitive

  • Time Trials:Challenge racing celebrity Jolene Bernardt for cash prizes (insurance not required). Local dealer Billy-Joe will be happy to hook you up if you don’t have a suitable vehicle.
  • Antique and Fine Art Trading:Make a few bucks by selling your unwanted items a Reese’s Pawn shop. Or bring your fine art paintings to Chester Roberts to earn top dollar.

American Fugitive

  • Treasure Hunting:Due to its highly malleable soil and historic roots, Redrock has proved to be highly popular with panhandlers searching for hidden loot. Visitors are advised that a metal detector can aid this pastime, but please respect residents’ property boundaries — we take trespassing seriously!
  • Fruit Picking: Thanks to our climate, we boast a wide range of organic fruit and vegetables that can be foraged.

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  • Get a Tune Up: Fix + Spray will be happy to repair your vehicle, or even provide a respray.

We’re welcoming to visitors here in Redrock County, but we do have some rules that we expect visitors to abide by like not using stacks of construction materials as “stunt jumps,” and no swimming in the swamps or lakes. We can go over all of these rules in much more detail in American Fugitive, available today on Xbox One.

Hope to see you in Redrock County soon, friend!