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Tower Attack Card Game Minion Masters is Now Available on Xbox One

It’s been a long journey through development, full of many twists and turns, but we’re super excited to bring Minion Masters to Xbox One.

We’ve poured blood, coffee, and countless hours into making (at least what we think is) the best tower attack card game out there. Shaped by the journey from BetaDwarf’s humble beginnings to making the games of our dreams, Minion Masters is what we call a Tower Attack – a hybrid game where you choose a unique master for your strategy, collect minions and send them to bring down the opponent’s tower. We’d like to share those experiences with you and give you some insight into how they formed Minion Masters as it is today. Minion Masters is available on the Microsoft Store for the low price of free, so we’d be delighted if you gave the game a try.

Minion Masters

BetaDwarf started as a small group of university graduates that quietly moved into an unused classroom, transforming it into both an office and residence, leaving our apartments behind to pursue game development. It was a big risk, and one that paid off for 7 whole months while we worked on our first game, Forced (also on Xbox One).

Eventually, the university caught on and we searched for the cheapest place to live in Denmark, hanging onto our dreams by a thread. Things were looking dire, but a Kickstarter helped us stay on our feet with generous contributions from our new community. This period helped forge tight bonds among us that made team members feel like family to each other, and our focus on co-operative gameplay with your friends saw Forced become a couch classic.

Minion Masters

The big question was; where do we go next? We searched deep for inspiration, developing our own company architecture that gave everyone in the BetaDwarf team a stake in the company, as well as reinforcing team bonds by structuring ourselves so that we worked as equals. Through the development of Forced Showdown we learned to create a close bond with our community through more personal, down to earth interactions, releasing frequent Alpha updates and engaging with our faithful players to create balance adjustments, bug fixes and some nifty streamer integrations. All of this would prove handy when it came to developing Minion Masters, as we’d go on to expand in all of these areas to create a thriving and social community.

Minion Masters

We didn’t waste any time after the release of Forced Showdown. We had a great idea of what we wanted to do next, and that was Minion Masters! We wanted frequent updates full of awesome new content, we wanted to engage with our community on a regular basis through developer livestreams and in-game contests, and we wanted to grow as a company. We’ve been able to keep a super cool group of awesome players through features like our Streamer Puff audience and support for the grassroots competitive scene with the King Puff Circuit, and soon we’d transformed from “no salary, sleeping in a classroom” to moving to a huge new office!

Minion Masters

After our long journey of game development, Minion Masters is finally ready to release as the next page in the book of BetaDwarf. If you want to check out our full background, read the BetaDwarf Story right here (in pictures). We hope you’ll join us in celebration of our arduous journey and the people that supported us along the way. Keep in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook or check out our site at

Minion Masters is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store as a free title download. Click here for additional details.