Black Desert Awakening Small Image

New Combat and Weapon Skills in Black Desert Awakening Update

In the three months since its launch on Xbox One, Black Desert has added two new regions, doubling the size of the world, four new classes, and massive world bosses that take whole servers of players to defeat. Today, we’ve added a whole new way for players to bring the fight to their enemies in Black Desert with the Awakening free content update.

All ten available classes will receive new weapons and devastating skills once they are “awakened” that can strike down enemies on the battlefield. During combat, classes can switch in-and-out of their awakened forms as they execute a variety of new combos delivering ultimate damage.

To awaken, adventurers must first reach level 56, having gained immense experience through their travels and trials by combat within Black Desert. They will receive a quest that explores the secrets of their past and challenges them to complete tests of combat. Once completed, players will be awarded a mythical weapon belonging to their history and people.

In addition to the Awakening update, players can enjoy new community-led events starting today. With Black Desert available with Xbox Game Pass, now’s the perfect time for beginner and veteran players to experience today’s new content.

Black Desert is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store and with Xbox Game Pass. Click here for additional information and purchase details.