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Build Your World on PixArk with These Tips, Available Today on Xbox One

Snail Games and Studio Wildcard are excited to announce a new adventure within the Ark universe: PixArk. Explore endless possibilities in an open world full of infinite voxel-based maps and a procedural quest system that allows you to build fortresses, discover prehistoric and magical creatures, and explore the secrets of this mysterious world – how you play is up to you!

It can be overwhelming being dropped into a world with unidentifiable resources and unknown creatures. In the beginning, you might find yourself collecting every material and experimenting with different crafting recipes. Is this safe to eat? How do I build a shelter? Is that creature dangerous or friendly? The answers to these questions are all there waiting to be answered.

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Exploration and discovery are one of the most rewarding things that you can take from an open world game like PixArk. We don’t want to spoil that reward for you, but here are a few tips from a seasoned survivor to help you along your travels.

Read the Handbook and Encyclopedia

There’s a lot to discover in PixArk. As such, when you run into a new creature, be sure to check out its details in the Handbook to learn how to best tackle the challenge. Need starting tips? The Encyclopedia can provide you with some important starter information such as survive mechanics.

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Build a Bed Early

Beds are one of the primary keys to survival in PixArk. They allow you to respawn and teleport to any active bed that you’ve created anywhere in the world. Never forget to build yourself a bed as you take your first steps into the unknown.

Take a Look Around You

The World of PixArk is always bustling, ever lively and can be somewhat unforgiving. Remind yourself to always look around and make sure that you are in neutral or safe territory as you start getting established.

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New land that you discover will always be different than the last area you visited. Exploring new areas allows you to find new treasures, materials, and areas you might want to relocate to or build a secondary home. Exploring is necessary to build and craft everything you need to survive. Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss out on that beachfront property, would you?

Use the Scanner

Utilize all the tools in your arsenal like the Scanner. Think of the Scanner like your information assistant. It allows you to identify all the mysterious creatures and resources around you. Curious what material you’re looking at? Scan it. Is this creature dangerous or unrecognizable? Scan it.

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Get Creative

A great way to introduce yourself to the world of PixARK is to unleash your imagination in Creator mode, giving you access to every resource, structure, and weapon in the game — you’ll be able to express your imagination with no limitations and you can even check out the map editor and rebuild the world to your vision.

Play with a Friend

PixArk is a massive world full of creatures both prehistoric and magical. Surviving alone is definitely possible but challenging. What better way to create your dream than to invite friends into it!? There’s so much to see and so much to do, why not share your experience and see everything this world has to offer.

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Join us and be the survivor of your imagination. No matter how you choose to experience PixArk there’s an adventure waiting for you.

PixArk is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.