FanFest GamersOutreach 2019

Xbox FanFest Partners with Gamers Outreach Again at E3 2019

In 2018, we were absolutely blown away by how much our #XboxFanFest fans leaned into the idea of Social Good. In raising over $48,000 from FanFests around the world, it spurred us this year to drive an even bigger impact. During last year’s E3, we had the opportunity to partner with the team at Xbox in support of Gamers Outreach programs. Ticket sales from Xbox FanFest generated $20,000, enabling us to build a fleet of GO Karts for UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. Additionally, Aaron Greenberg led a fundraising campaign in memory of Xbox Addict, which helped us place a GO Kart in Phoenix Children’s Hospital, honoring his legacy.

Back on May 17 on the Mixer Green Show (, we proudly announced our renewed partnership with Gamers Outreach at E3 this year, with a goal of upping the ante. We believe we landed on something pretty audacious. In our early discussions with Zach Wigal, founder of Gamers Outreach, he mentioned he has a list of 18 children’s hospitals across the US which had personally reached out to Gamers Outreach for help. Their goal – receiving a kart for their patients. We immediately knew this was the program we wanted to fulfill. And what better way for FanFest attendees to participate than the gift of gaming to others in need?

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However, we didn’t want to stop with only FanFest ticket sales to fulfill this promise; we wanted all interested fans to jump in as well. To that end, we created two specially designed Xbox Avatar t-shirts so fans across the entire world could purchase. Most importantly, all proceeds from the sale of those shirts also go to this FanFest – Gamers Outreach program.   We are happy to announce those shirts are available starting today!   Between June 3 – 14, the two shirts in the Xbox Avatar store, which closely resemble the official Black and White E3 FanFest t-shirts, will be available for purchase. This coveted item will only be available for this limited time, so make sure you get yours while they’re available!

Lastly, on Monday, June 10, during the FanFest Showcase, between 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. PT, we will have a special Mixer stream ( to reveal even more cool ways for viewers to participate in this Social Good program.

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We’re halfway to our goal of clearing the hospital wish list for Gamers Outreach; join us in helping children in hospitals while they go through lifesaving treatment! To track the progress,  check out Gamers Outreach on Twitter, and be sure to follow #XboxFanFest on Twitter and Instagram for this and other FanFest details.