E3 2019: Announcing Phantasy Star Online 2, Coming Soon to Xbox One

One of Japan’s largest online RPGs Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) is coming to North America on Xbox One in Spring 2020. Let’s take a brief look at adventure that are waiting for you in the world of PSO2.

Phantasy Star Online 2 strives for a never-ending quest, with a variety of exciting systems and experiences, such as unpredictable Interrupt Events and Multiparty Areas, where up to 12 players can simultaneously team up for a special, sharable moment.

Interrupt Event

With an Interrupt Event, there are more surprising and exciting situations for players to experience, including moments where players must defend a crashed fighter or rescue an abducted character. Interrupt Events occur at random locations and the difficulty will change each time depending on the location and spawned enemies.


A party can have up to four party members in PSO2. However, there are some areas called “Multiparty Area” and “Multiparty Quest” that are open for parties of up to 12 players. Encounters with other parties in the Multiparty may take a dramatic turn, changing the game experience into something even more grand and thrilling.

Random Fields

PSO2 has a random field system. Every time players play the same quest, its level gets restructured completely at random except certain navigational terrains. Enemy spawn locations and events are also randomly regenerated, providing different experiences each time.

The Highest-Level Action of Online RPG

PSO2 lets players bring out their full potential, with jump actions and original combos with easy-to-play controls that are stylish and highly customizable. Its wide range of character classes and weapon categories opens a totally different and fun experience.

Original Combos

Players can assign their own weapons to action palettes. There are different actions to choose from for three successive normal attacks. Learned Photon Arts and/or techniques that are assigned to a special attack button can be also used between normal attacks to make original combos.

On sub palettes, players can assign consumable items, skills, and techniques to use. Striving for overwhelming power or exquisite maneuver to astonish other players — find your favorite combat style!

Third-Person Shooter Style

TPS keeps the tracking camera over the player character’s shoulder to allow precise shooting of guns or techniques at targets in distance.

Ultimate Character Creation and Customization

PSO2 provides players with a hassle-free character creation/customization system where they can create and customize characters with simple settings and morphing feature through intuitive navigation.

On top of that, not only can players modify the look of their characters, they can also develop them through a variety of systems to grow and improve. Choosing a race is a good way to start. Each race has its pros and cons, so take time to make a choice for your unique main character.

Another thing to be noted is that there is no level for player characters themselves. Instead, class levels work as a measurement of strength. Upon character creation, you can choose from a variation of classes which have different combat styles.

Playing through the game, you will be able to set a subclass. It enables to use Photon Arts, skills, and techniques learned in the subclass together with those in the main class. Also, parameters of the selected subclass will be added to the character as a boost.

Free to Download and Play the Game

PSO2 will be free to play and download on Xbox One. There will be no limitations on game experiences such as Class Level cap or direct purchase of high-tier weapons because we want to provide for all players a fair and exciting experience. If players still find themselves in need of assist for their quest, microtransactions are there to help.

Thank you very much for reading this article and hope you got the hang of world of PSO2. Don’t forget, PSO2 is coming to North America on Xbox One in Spring 2020.