Video For Riverbond Brings Co-op Craziness to Xbox Game Pass

Riverbond Brings Co-op Craziness to Xbox Game Pass

Ahoy, friends! We’re proud to announce that Riverbond, a voxel shoot-and-slash dungeon crawler is available now on Xbox One and with Xbox Game Pass for Console and Xbox Game Pass for PC. We invite you and your friends to explore the eight hand-crafted worlds in your adventure down the River of Light towards your heroic destiny.


Watching Riverbond players at events like at E3, GDC, and PAX is a pleasure to see fans young and old come together as they play. We designed Riverbond with this core experience in mind. And with an arcade-like pacing and drop-in and drop-out couch co-op, everyone is free to join in on the fun! We hope that Riverbond captures your imagination as it did with ours, and that you will form sweet memories with your friends and family as you play it this Summer.


Oh! And before we go. If you’re fans of indie games like us, please don’t sleep on the playable guest characters that are hidden in treasure chests throughout the game. You will uncover these crossover skins from classic games like Psychonauts, Guacamelee!, Shovel Knight, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Enter the Gungeon, and more.

So, gather your crew to suit up and shoot-and-slash your way to glory!

Riverbond is out now for Xbox One and PC on the Microsoft Store and is available with Xbox Game Pass. Click here for additional details.