Video For Burn Rubber and Shred Metal in Wreckfest, Coming Soon to Xbox One

Burn Rubber and Shred Metal in Wreckfest, Coming Soon to Xbox One

Whether you’re sitting atop your lawn mower or behind the wheel of a hopped-up muscle car, it’s almost time to get racin’ in Wreckfest!

The team at Bugbear sets Wreckfest apart with our true-to-life physics that allow you to not only feel the damage during competition but actually see parts come flying off your vehicle in the middle of your race! We custom built each vehicle model to bend, break, shatter, and for those unlucky drivers, ultimately shred apart. Each vehicle can be modified with customizable parts for defense, speed, and agility. Vehicles can be further tuned based on the event type and race rules. All of this means layer upon layer of destruction awaits!


Racetracks are completely redefined in Wreckfest with courses that feature intersections and oncoming traffic! This, in addition to high-speed circuits and demolition derby arenas. It’s up to you to decide the right strategy to take the number one position. Do you go with a big heavy vehicle and blindly plow through your competition, assuming you can take more damage than the other vehicles? Do you challenge your driving skills with a faster and more agile vehicle with a strategy of striking quickly and dodging the other drivers? You need to protect your engine at all costs but that’s not the only thing to consider when selecting your vehicle.


Just remember size isn’t the only thing that matters in competition – speed and agility can mean the difference between winning your race and complete destruction! Don’t miss your chance to wreak havoc in a special vehicle we designed exclusively for pre-order customers. Reserve Wreckfest for yourself today!

Wreckfest is available for pre-order today for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for additional pre-order details.