Free-to-Play Fishing Planet Available Now as Xbox Play Anywhere Title

Hello there, dear friends! We are excited to tell you that now you have an opportunity to fish from the comfort of your living room along with your friends and catch real monsters that are lurking in the muddy waters, as Fishing Planet, the first free-to-play fishing simulator, is now out on Xbox One and Windows 10 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title!

It has already been five years as our team is on the quest of bringing true sportfishing to virtual realm with its thrilling fun and harmony, and we’re proud to bring our game to Xbox One and Windows 10. As we developed Fishing Planet we meticulously recreated numerous nature environments and tuned physical behavior of tackle to model the real-life situations with impeccable detail.

Fishing Planet

Now let us tell you what Fishing Planet is. It’s a free-to-play, online multiplayer fishing simulation game with next-gen graphics, ultra-realistic tackle physics, and scientifically recreated natural behavior of 120+ fish species in their authentic environments. All of this is wrapped in numerous game mechanics seamlessly combining single-player and competitive play (multiplayer). How can we be so sure it’s realistic? Here are a few points to prove us right.

During development process we used photo scanning (photogrammetry) – a technique used to capture real-life objects with all possible details. We roamed the famous waterways that inspired our in-game locations to transfer as many real-life objects as possible. This is how we created gorgeous immersive environments of 17 American and European waterways.

Fishing Planet

As we created animations for our characters we asked pro-anglers to act as our mock-up actors. So you may be sure that your avatar acts as a genuine pro-angler. Thousands of tackle combinations and a complex system of terminal tackle physics and interaction will keep you busy creating ideal setup for that trophy bass you are looking to catch.

But is it any fun? The epic fish fights with trophies, numerous quests, challenges and tournaments as well as events like scary Halloween fishing will definitely keep you entertained.

Fishing Planet

We hope that as you play you will discover a wonderful world of fishing, learn and bond with fellow anglers! See you on the shores of Fishing Planet! Tight Lines!