Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour

Join the Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour Today on Xbox One

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour features an in-depth career mode allowing you to fulfil the dream of becoming the number 1 ranked angler in the world – this won’t be easy though as some of the world’s best anglers need to be beaten.

Working your way through the ranks from amateur to elite, you will come across over 100 professionals including Scott Martin – the most successful FLW Tour bass angler of all time, he is also the host of the “Scott Martin Challenge” show on Discovery Channel and Fishing Sim World ambassador. Expect Ali Hamidi – one of the best carp anglers in the country as well as producer and presenter of ITV’s “Monster Carp & The Big Fish Off” and Fishing Sim World ambassador to provide a huge challenge on the carp tour.

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour

Starting off as an amateur angler, choose your career path with bass, carp and predator tours all available or fish a combination of all three. You can also change which tours you are competing on at any point throughout your career.

As an amateur angler entering your first tournament, you will have no social media followers, career earnings or sponsors. As you start to compete, you will start to pick all of these up with finishing position in each event determining the number of followers you gain and money you earn. As these grow, you will start attracting the interest of some of the over 50 licensed partners in game including the likes of Evinrude, 13Fishing and Korda who will make sponsorship offers to you.

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour

When a sponsorship offer is received, you can either accept the deal or opt to try and negotiate better terms – be careful though, if it’s perceived as you asking too much, the offer will be withdrawn! As well as seeing your custom tournament jersey now carrying the logo of your new sponsor, you will be being paid to represent them in forthcoming tournaments. As your relationship with them grows, you can expect the terms to do so as well with invites to exclusive events also being received.

Are you ready for career mode and show that luck has got nothing to do with it? Don’t forget, this is a free update for all current owners of Fishing Sim World and is available now on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One.