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Awaken Your Ultimate Ninja Abilities in Black Desert Content Update

Starting today as a free content update, experienced Black Desert adventures can awaken the Ninja class in the newest update that lets you to play with new skills and abilities to deliver devastating damage, in addition to new world bosses that offer mighty weapon drops and a powerful piece of equipment to aid in your adventure.

To awaken the Ninja, you must first reach level 56 by completing quests and defeating enemies within the world of Black Desert. Then you’ll be given a quest that presents you with several challenges to overcome through heated battles. Once completed, the Ninja will gain the ability to equip the Sura, a powerful katana which slices through even the mightiest of foes with ease.

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Three colossal world bosses have been introduced as well, providing a challenge for any Ninjas interested in testing their newfound skills. To help prepare you to take on each fierce titan, see the tips below:

  • Karanda
    Leader of a fearsome group of harpies in Karanda Ridge. Karanda will stop at nothing to protect the nest and will fight players to the bitter end. Defeating this formidable boss will unlock the Dandelion weapon box, which contains an Awakening Weapon.
  • Quint
    A massive troll that turns to stone (protection from attacks). Invulnerable while standing, adventurers must attack its legs to bring him to the floor. Once it’s brought down, player attacks can inflict incredible damage.
  • Muraka
    Residing in the depths of the Mansha forest, it has disrupted the once peaceful region and left destruction in its wake. While slow moving, watch out for its powerful attacks, which can take down even the most skilled players.

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Adventurers that have hit level 61 and 62 can now receive Black Desert’s newest equipment items: the Capotia accessories. Available as rings or earrings, these items offer increased attack damage.

With Black Desert available with Xbox Game Pass, now’s the perfect time for veteran players to experience today’s new content.

Black Desert is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store and with Xbox Game Pass. Click here for additional information and purchase details.