Torchlight II Key Art

Torchlight II Available Now on Xbox One

Deep beneath Torchlight, a darkness gathers. The Clockwork Core that has protected the world from the Netherim is now stalked by a corrupted Alchemist. Empowered by the essence of felled guardians, he seeks to destroy the core and release the Netherim from their ethereal prison once more. A new hero must stand against him, protect the core, and save the world.

Torchlight II


Panic Button and Perfect World Entertainment are proud to bring Torchlight back to Xbox with Torchlight II. This timeless hack ’n’ slash classic delivers over 20 hours of story plus near endless replayability in New Game Plus and Mapworks dungeons for just $19.99.

Torchlight II


Adventure solo or online over Xbox Live with up to four total players at a time for maximum, action-packed chaos. Xbox One players will also have exclusive access to a brand-new pet: the flaming Molten Imp.

Torchlight II

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Torchlight with us and relive the glory of Torchlight II today.

Torchlight II is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store for $19.99. Click here to buy now.