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Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta): DiRT Rally 2.0, Cities: Skylines, and More

I don’t know if you remembered that we have more games coming out in September, but maybe you knew, since we always have more games coming for our PC gamers. It’s true and just because it’s late in the month, doesn’t mean that we’ll hold out on giving you more games, because we want you to discover your next favorite game again and again and again… So, as we hunker down to game away some cloudy days here at our Redmond HQ, let’s take a look at the games we have coming to Xbox Game Pass PC in the coming weeks:

Games Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta)

Bad North

Bad North is a charming but brutal real-time tactics roguelite. Defend your idyllic island kingdom against a horde of Viking invaders as you lead the desperate exodus of your people. Command your loyal subjects to take full tactical advantage of the unique shape of each island. Everything is at stake: fail, and watch the blood of your subjects stain the ground red.

Bad North

DiRT Rally 2.0

Carve your way through a selection of iconic rally locations from across the globe, in the most powerful off-road vehicles ever made, knowing that the smallest mistake could end your stage. Rely on your instincts with the most immersive and focused off-road experience yet, and power your rally car through real-life off-road environments in New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Poland, Australia and the USA, with only your co-driver and instincts to guide you.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a modern take on the classic city simulation. Realize the thrill and hardships of creating and maintaining a city while expanding on some well-established tropes of the city building experience. The game boasts a fully realized transport system. You’re only limited by your imagination, so take control and reach for the sky(lines).

Saint’s Row IV: Re-Elected

A special bundle that includes the award-winning blockbuster Saints Row IV and all DLC. After saving the world from a terrorist attack the leader of the 3rd Street Saints is elected to become President of the United States. Things go reasonably well until an alien warlord named Zinyak attacks the White House and abducts his entire cabinet. Now stuck inside a reality bending simulation, the President and the Saints fight to save themselves, Earth, and the entire galaxy.

More games is pretty much our thing, so stay tuned to Xbox Wire and @XboxGamePassPC for details each time a new game drops.

Saints Row IV

Updates to the Xbox (Beta) app for Windows 10

We’re excited about the progress we’ve made in our beta, and the future updates coming to continue to improve your gaming experience on Windows 10.  We’ve been listening to your feedback and suggestions, we’ve fixed a number of app and download-specific bugs (see our Twitter feed for updates!).

The team is working hard to add new features and make user experience updates to the app every month based on the community’s feedback.  We will be releasing the 1910 update in early October that will make navigating the app and browsing the Xbox Game Pass library faster. Follow us on Twitter where we’ll be sharing more details in the coming weeks.

Team Xbox wants to hear your ideas, so keep the comments coming as you use the Xbox (Beta) app and play games with Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta). You can submit feedback through the app by going to Settings > Feedback, talk with us on Twitter or drop your suggestions on Reddit.

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