Killing Floor 2

New Tricks and Treats in the Killing Floor 2: Grim Treatments Halloween Update

Halloween returns this year for Killing Floor 2 and the spectral terrors of the night abound with new Grim Treatments content update. This time we’re packing five new weapons, a brand new official community map, an objective map, a new outfit, new weapon skins, Halloween themed accessories and gluttony of hotly requested quality of life improvements to existing content.

First up in our new flight of arsenal options is the Ion Thruster, a retractable blade of superheated ionized metal tailor-made for the Berserker which will allow you to sear the flesh of Zeds to a nice medium-well as you carve your way through a crowd like a literal hot knife through butter. The weapon stores kinetic energy as you attack, block, and parry that you can release when fully charged as an ultimate wave of burning energy.

Killing Floor 2

Next up in our tasting, is the Rhino Revolvers for the Gunslinger whose offensive role allows the player to express their inner ocelot. Have you ever wanted to bounce a shot around a corner at a Zed and then as it exits hit the three Zeds behind it? Now you can with the Rhino’s special made ricochet fragmentation rounds which are great for precision crowd control. Both weapons are available to purchase with the launch of the update each with their own five custom weapon skins packed in to express your personal brand.

Our next free samples are a new flavor of weapons that we’ve been cooking up in the Horzine Labs under the Horzine Research Group (HRG) label. These HRG weapons are old favorites from the existing arsenal with changed up the weapon functionality positioned for a different perk type and a fresh coat of paint (*air freshener not included). Within this first batch, we have the HRG Buckshot Revolvers for Support.

Killing Floor 2

Your favorite hand cannons now just firing .410 buckshot for a little more kick. Then we have the HRG Healthrower (*pronounced “heal-thrower”) for the Field Medic. When you can’t decide whether to heal your teammates or take out a group of pesky crawlers in a cluster, do both with the Healthrower by splashing everyone with a stream of medical-grade gas. Lastly, for the more industrial minded SWAT players, we have the HRG Nailgun PDW. This fast-firing beauty comes with two full-auto fire modes: high-frequency single round and slower three-round burst complete with bouncy rounds factory standard across all models.

What’s a menagerie of new toys without a new playground to enjoy them? This year we’re bringing the Halloween theme full force in the Ashwood Asylum map. Brought to you in conjunction with the fine community mappers Motormouth and Rewire, tour the varied spooky spaces filled with the spirits and screams of the damned as you attempt to discover what became of the Roswell Investigators of the Paranormal.

Killing Floor 2

Lest I forget, we also have a new nugget of the narrative ready for you on the Nuked map now supporting Objective mode! Help Dr. Ogada Buyu evacuate the missing link to the Zed Outbreak out of the bombed-out nuclear wasteland surrounding the Embassy of the Republic of Texas. Just be sure to keep clear of the irradiated gas. Complete all the seasonal objectives by November 5 to earn the Beyond Horzion space-themed skin for the Kriss SMG.

Over two years after launch on Xbox One, we’re still fully committed to listening to the fans and improving the game based on the top community requested features and tweaks. This update we took special aim at improving our Stand Your Ground optional objective to make it feel more rewarding and less punishing for the group as well as refining the Abomination Boss battle to bring it in line with our other bosses. Have a Happy Halloween everyone and see you all on the Killing Floor.

The Grim Treatments update is free and available now for Killing Floor 2 players on Xbox One.