Realm Royale

Realm Royale Goes to War With New BokOps Battle Pass

Realm Royale is once again looking to the future – the future of combat, that is! Our new BokOps Battle Pass, available now, features 50 levels of earnable content themed around the next generation of military technology.

The BokOps forces are the best of the best – the next generation of fighters for the next generation of warfare. No matter what class you play in Realm Royale, you’ll unlock content that will allow you to gear up with tactical efficiency. The Infiltrator Assassin takes behind-enemy-lines operations to the next level, and the Technician Hunter is all specced out for an engagement in any theater of war. The Cyber Security Mage showcases the next generation of defensive capabilities, and the One Man Army Warrior shows that war can be down and dirty, no matter what century it’s waged in.

No war can be fought without serious hardware, and the BokOps Battle Pass aims to deliver. The covert Sneak Beak chicken can be used to escape battle when things get too hot, and the Rambok and Special Boks chickens are ready to fight on and survive another day! Two new mounts allow you to charge into battle in style: F.I.D.O, the robotic dog mount, and the all-new creepy-crawly Robo-rachnid mount are engineered for maximum performance in the warzone of tomorrow.

Outside of this amazing Battle Pass, the BokOps update also sees updates and improvements to other areas of the game. We are introducing a third ability slot, allowing players to now equip one movement ability, one class ability, and one neutral ability. We believe this change will make combat more dynamic, fast-paced – and deadly! We are also making some exciting new map updates: the Fungal Jungle region now features even larger super-sized mushrooms, including one so massive  that it now houses it’s very own forge!

The BokOps update promises to be one of our best yet, and we look forward to everyone joining us in the Realm! Whether you’re an existing player who will be checking out our new content and gameplay changes, or a new player who will be jumping into Realm Royale for the first time, we look forward to seeing you there!