Sally’s Law

Sally’s Law Brings You a Tear Jerking Story of a Daughter and a Father to Xbox One

The story begins when Sally learns that her father has become ill and heads to her home, where she has left a very long time ago. Sally’s Law explores the relationship between Sally and her critically ill father. As the game unfolds, the relationship between daughter and father will be unveiled.

Along the way to her home, Sally experiences great luck and extraordinary fortune which she has seen throughout her life, with the help of a secret supporter: her father.

The game play controls are simple – Roll left and right, and jump. But there are many challenging stages which players must make Sally and the father cooperate to solve the puzzles.

Sally’s Law

After playing the game as Sally, players can then experience the story through the visions of her father. By going through their journey, players will find the family relationship of a father and a daughter.

To add depth to the touching stories, music, and art that were popular in the smartphone version, we have added the stories about Sally and her parents when she was little and original epilogues after completing the game to the console version.

In addition, we have added couch co-op mode to the game. We have developed this mode so that while in single mode players would be able to enjoy the storyline, in the couch co-op mode players could enjoy the game differently cooperating and having conversations with family, friends and partners.

Sally’s Law

For Xbox One, in addition to the couch co-op mode, players can enjoy the game while streaming on MixPlay, where audiences could support the players by letting the father jump or letting Sally jump twice. The audiences can also cheer the players by launching fireworks!

As producer for the console version, I appreciate this opportunity to work on this project as a game developer just like Sally working hard to achieve her dream to become a picture book writer.

Through this project, I have been feeling happy and excited being able to ask composer Mr. Shiiba to create brand-new opening and ending music, to work on the project of a picture book which Sally has created while she was little, and to see the kids and families play the game happily together during the game shows around the world.

Sally’s Law

After all these years of challenges, we are very proud and excited to release on Xbox One this Summer!

I played games together with my family and friends for my initial gaming experience. Although smartphone games provide personal enjoyment, I wanted to produce something that would provide the excitement which people could play together on a big screen with someone next to you for the console version.

The reason why this became so important to me was the actual voices from several parents and children visitors at Tokyo Game Show. When I was showing the smartphone version on a large screen, they told me that they want to play the game together.

Sally’s Law

In addition to the couch co-op mode, players can enjoy the game while streaming through Mixer on Xbox One, where audiences could both help and/or interrupt the game play. We will add variations to action effects in the future.

Sally’s Law is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for additional purchase details.