Cuphead Anniversary

Celebrating Cuphead’s 2-Year Anniversary

Hello folks!

This week is a particularly exciting one for us here at Studio MDHR. This past Sunday, September 29, Cuphead officially turned two. It’s truly surreal to look back on the release of our little animated adventure, and all that’s transpired in the two years since.

The outpouring of support, fan art, letters, and hilarious playthrough streams have continued to warm our hearts. Both Jared and I have been public about the fact that we poured ourselves into Cuphead because it was the kind of game we knew we’d love to play, and we were perfectly prepared to go back to our day jobs if that’s what it came to. For us, the journey is – and always has been – about trying to create something special for people who loved classic action-arcade titles and 2D hand animation. Your ongoing support is genuinely the biggest gift of all.

With that said, we’re so very humbled that the game continues to resonate with audiences out there, and this anniversary is also an unbelievable milestone of another sort for Cuphead — it has officially gone five-times platinum, crossing five million copies sold. We hadn’t even dared to dream of this kind of support for the game when we were developing it, and our pie in the sky goal was always for the game to be just successful enough to allow us to continue making things we loved. With this latest milestone, we’re thrilled that we can continue to grow a team of talented people to help us craft what comes next.

In all this reflection, it really is no exaggeration to say that we could not have gotten to where we are now without the support of the Xbox team and community. Some of our favorite stories about Cuphead to this day are from Xbox players who discovered the game in 2014, and who buoyed us up with their excitement and support during those years of development on the road to release. The passion and dedication of the Xbox community really is second to none, and that continues to show today in the interactions we have with fans across social media and at events.

It’s on that note that we’re exceedingly excited to highlight a special event we’re running to celebrate this 2nd anniversary of Cuphead that we think Xbox fans will love. In collaboration with our friends at Xbox Design Lab, we’ve crafted 3 custom controllers, each one themed like one of our core Cuphead trio — Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice. We iterated on a lot of different concepts of these in-house but ultimately settled on a minimalist color scheme for each one that really allowed the signature elements of each character to pop. We’re so happy with how they turned out so, head to the Design Lab homepage where the team has created an easy-peasy link to order your own!

As we look back on these last two years, we also can’t help but look forward. We’re so thrilled that folks will get to experience more Cuphead in 2020 in the form a new appetizing DLC adventure — The Delicious Last Course! So definitely keep your peepers on our official channels, as we’ll have more to share about Cuphead and Magma’s quest to help their friends Ms. Chalice in the months to come.

And, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to anyone at all who has visited the Inkwell Isles, and found a little bit of adventure there. For us, it has been the adventure of a lifetime.