Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Lonely Mountains: Downhill Releases October 23 on Xbox One

Hello everyone! We are Megagon Industries, a 3-person team from Berlin, and today we’re happy to present Xbox One players with our new launch trailer and the October 23 release date for Lonely Mountains: Downhill. Better yet, it’s also coming to Xbox Game Pass so all subscribers can hop on their bike and begin making their way down the mountains very soon!

When creating Lonely Mountains: Downhill we didn’t set out to only build simple trails for you to ride down, but instead create what will actually feel like a large mountain with lots of depth to explore. Whether this means finding secret resting places off in the woods or the fastest paths down the hill, we have crafted the experience to allow you to get down the mountain in any way you see fit as long as you hit those checkpoints.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

During development it has been a lot of fun watching players take the normal worn-down path, but then watch as their eyes open up as they start to discover hidden and not so obvious pathways to get down the mountain even faster. Seeing this type of excitement is what has spurred our small team on throughout these years of development, and helped us believe that any player – and especially those who love speedrunning – will have a blast on the low-poly mountains we’ve put so much love and effort in creating.

And to offer up a quick tip: if it looks like you should jump over a drop off, perhaps you don’t have to jump over it. Instead, you may be able to ride that steep hill down to the next checkpoint and save yourself a lot of time. Learning these tricks and finding one of the many quicker routes is what will put you on top of the leaderboards!

Of course, how you get down the mountain can be entirely up to you and which one of the numerous challenges you decide to take on. There are many time trials for you to beat, but you can also challenge yourself with a crash limit! Can you get down one of our most challenging mountain trails quickly without crashing more than a handful of times? Or better yet, without crashing at all?

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Not only are there multiple mountains available (four to be exact!), but each one features multiple trails as well. There are also five additional bikes to unlock that each have their own attributes that will change the way you approach each trail. You may find early on that there are some significant jumps available, but not manage land them just yet. Well, once you’ve unlocked the parts to build a new bike, that may just be exactly what you need in order to successfully complete the leap of faith!

Now let’s celebrate Fall time with the cool mountain air, a nice pumpkin treat, and successfully reaching the campsite at the bottom of each mountain! Also, if you want to join us for the release hop onto our Discord or follow the release on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Have a good ride and see you on the mountains!

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is coming to Xbox One on the Microsoft Store and with Xbox Game Pass on October 23.