We Were Here Too

Me, You, Walkie Talkies, and a Whole Lot of Puzzles in We Were Here Too

How many lost Antarctic explorers can one sinister castle hold? In the case of Castle Rock in our series of cooperative puzzle adventures, the answer is at least six! We Were Here Too is the second game in the series, following We Were Here which released in September!

So after meeting the first two explorers in We Were Here, you will run into two more explorers in We Were Here Too! The premise for the game is the same, at first glance: two explorers find themselves trapped inside a mysterious castle by a fierce blizzard. Once inside, they become split up. Only their walkie-talkies and their wits will enable them to work together and find a way out…

But don’t be fooled! We Were Here Too is still about solving puzzles, but you won’t be re-treading any of your steps from the first game. Every puzzle is new, and the parts of the castle you are exploring haven’t been seen by living eyes for a long, long time. Have a look at some of the new areas in the trailer.

We Were Here Too

You will need to stay sharp and keep your eyes open as you progress through the icy hallways of Castle Rock. Details that might seem insignificant or random to you might be the key to making sense of something your partner sees! As you play We Were Here Too you can expect to start thinking a little differently about your surroundings. Instead of looking for good cover spots, sniper nests or traps, you’ll be seeking patterns, hidden messages, and clues.

This isn’t to say that there’s no danger lurking within Castle Rock. You should still be cautious if you value your life, but you’ll need fast thinking rather than a fast trigger finger to keep yourself in one piece. Hopefully you found someone smart to play with! Playing with a friend has all the usual advantages, but we’ve heard enough stories about people playing with strangers and forging real connections in their time spent in Castle Rock.

Perhaps the most important thing though – do you trust your partner? You’ll need to work together to make it to the exit, but once you’re there, what happens if one of you has an easy way out? Would you wait to try and help your friend escape, or would you leave them to rot? If the tables are turned, do you trust your friend not to abandon you…? Better find out in We Were Here Too!

We Were Here Too

So for those that paid great attention, you might think we made a mistake by mentioning six explorers at the start of the post. Well not really… we’re very excited to announce that our upcoming new title We Were Here Together has also been confirmed as getting an Xbox One release – that’ll bring the total up to six explorers. Unlucky for them, but very lucky for puzzle fans!

Happy escaping!

Both We Were Here and We Were Here Too (in fact, all the We Were Here games for that matter) are standalone entries, meaning you can play them in any order you please.

We Were Here Too is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.