New Tamer Class Added to Black Desert

The divine beast Heilang is the loyal companion of Tamer, the newest character class in Black Desert on Xbox One. Available to play today as part of a free update, Tamer wields a Shortsword and Trinket, hunting enemies alongside her legendary protector. To fully understand the origin of Tamer and how to use her skills in combat, we’re sharing a peek inside her story.

At the furthest point of the Orient lies Haemo Island, a region defined by its wilderness and nearly untouched by civilization. There, Tamer grew up as a small child amongst a pack of cubs and Heilang, the legendary beast. Once she was older, she met Hwisa, a sage inhabitant of the island, who trained her in swordsmanship and animal taming.

One day, she discovered a clue to her past – an old boat washed upon the shores that contained a beautiful, regal hairpin. Driven by a need to discover her true self, Tamer departed the only land she knew to travel to the lands of the Black Desert.

With a wild past and upbringing, Tamer brings fierce skills in combat alongside the use of Heilang. Completely synchronized, Tamer can command Heilang through her skills:

  • Summon Heilang – At level 20, the Tamer can summon Heilang who will join you in battle and deal damage to enemies. The Tamer can also command Heilang to perform certain actions:
    • Attack – Command Heilang to attack nearby enemies
    • Stay – Command Heilang to wait for your next instruction
    • Follow – Heilang will stop what is doing and come back
    • Sit – Heilang will sit/lie down, allowing Tamer to recover HP
  • Void Lightning – This skill will draw enemies together while flinching them. If Heilang is already summoned, he will unleash his fury dealing even more damage.
  • Heilang: Roaring – This skill deals massive area of effect damage emanating from Heilang. Use this in combination with Void Lightning to finish off even the toughest opponents.

With Black Desert available with Xbox Game Pass, now’s the perfect time for beginner and veteran players to give Tamer a try within today’s new content update.

Black Desert is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store and with Xbox Game Pass. Click here for additional information and purchase details.