Top 5 Ways to Stay Alive in Worse Than Death

Hey there, Xbox fans! We are a mom-and-pop indie studio from Toronto, Canada, and we’ve been making spooky, story-rich and thoughtful games for a decade now. Our newest title, Worse Than Death, launches today and is our first foray into the Xbox family.

Worse Than Death is an action-adventure horror game about a high school reunion that goes horribly wrong. It combines brain-tickling puzzles with tense, side-scrolling exploration and stealth. As the game’s main character, Holly, you must find your best friend Flynn, escape dangerous monsters that you can’t quite see, and uncover the terrible secrets of your home town.

Worse Than Death

It’s all designed to play super-smooth and freak you out. So if this is the first time you’ve heard of the game, here are five solid tips to make sure you and Holly make it out alive:

1) Be a good listener

At the beginning of the game, Holly will — begrudgingly — speak with some of her former classmates at her high school reunion. These moments kick off some important plot points — many of which will be key for you achievement-seekers who want to uncover every secret the game has tucked away.

2) Mind your surroundings

You may not be face-to-face with a creepy, wailing something that is roaming the halls just yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention — a well-placed hiding spot that you come across (like a locker to squeeze into, or a desk you can crawl under) might just save your life in the next few moments. Look for the action prompts that let you know you can hide somewhere, in case you have to make a mad dash to safety!

Worse Than Death

3) Follow your heart

As Holly encounters the unseen horrors that have infested her home town, she’ll let you know all sorts of useful information — when a monster is near, the room will get cold, and she’ll become apprehensive. The closer the monster is, the faster her heart will beat. The game’s main UI element — the “panic bar” — at the bottom of your screen will become increasingly crimson and thump in time with Holly’s heartbeat, alerting you to immediate danger. You’ll even feel Holly’s heart beat through your controller!

4) Don’t worry if you forget something

Did you just return to the game after taking a break? Not entirely sure what you should do? Pausing the game with the Menu Button will also bring up Holly’s thoughts — which will usually include a reminder of what you were just doing as a little hint. Worse Than Death is designed to keep you moving, and this tiny nudge can help put you right back on track.

Worse Than Death

5) Play in the dark

Though it’s got humor and some real heartfelt moments, Worse Than Death is, of course, a horror game! So turn off the lights, turn up the sound, and don’t worry — we won’t tell anyone if you get scared.

We hope this helps you enjoy our newest indie title, and we hope you enjoy hunting down those achievements and surviving Holly’s story. See you at the reunion!