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World of Warships: Legends Gears up for Halloween

World of Warships: Legends celebrates Halloween early with a new Campaign! Players can get started on the way to earning a free Halloween-themed premium ship and tons of rewards throughout October!

The Wicked Waves Campaign features the Jackal, a steampunk war machine with a unique playstyle. As a Tier III German Battleship, Jackal carries twelve 11-inch guns in a hexagonal layout used in early battleship designs. Jackal will also come with additional modification slots to help customize her playstyle. All this combined with solid armor, the Jackal is surprisingly flexible for a Tier III battleship, able to engage enemies all around her! On the way to earning her, players will receive plenty of other rewards to help them in-game—but the rewards don’t stop there!

If the player has Admiralty backing, they will also receive a ton of extra rewards and a unique event commander! Featured as a German Battleship Commander, Henry J. Hide is the perfect partner to Jackal! Hide brings new and unique skills to further optimize the Jackal, making them the perfect dynamic duo: Jackal & Hide.

There are 45 levels in the Wicked Waves campaign and two weeks to complete it! Jackal, Hide, and the other rewards are permanent, so go have fun and get yourself these unique items!

However, there’s more to Halloween than events and steampunk ships….

During Halloween the veils between the worlds are thin and can be easily parted to steal glimpses of the other side, or even cross over… It is a night of horror, mystic tales, and chilling stories. So why not start such a mystic journey right in World of Warships: Legends?

Starting October 28, World of Warships: Legends will allow players to take part in a special event. After selecting one of three event warships and their commander partners, players can take part in a cooperative operation where they must defend the Transylvania, a ship set to save Halloween! Things will quickly go downhill, as you will be fighting against a swarm of monstrous zombie ships! Surely you and your teammates will be up to the challenge, but will you be able to complete the extra objectives and defeat the final boss too? There are special rewards for participating in the mission, but these rewards become even greater when players complete the extra objectives and the entire mission! Earn Halloween containers, premium account time, and the coveted universal commendations!

In addition to Jackal & Hide, there will be more Halloween themed commanders and ships available in the in-game store. These ships and commanders will only be available during the Halloween season, so be sure to add them to your fleet! There will be more bonuses in event containers too! Holding anything from various boosters to universal commendations for your commanders, these containers also give you a chance to receive permanent Halloween camouflage for the Wakatake or the St. Louis!

World of Warships World of Warships

The Halloween celebrations come alongside the recent release of the French Navy, a powerful and unique tree of Cruisers and Battleships. The French cruisers are likened to evasive sharpshooters—able to deal damage from a distance, and keep that distance thanks to their speed. They are normally fitted with engine boost to help get them out (or into) sticky situations. French battleships had some of the most unique designs of the era, and have intense firepower and speed in-game, allowing them to flank enemies and rain shells from their epic quadruple-gun turrets. At higher tiers, the French battleships also get engine boost, making them some of the most flexible battleships in the game.

World of Warships: Legends is building steam and making headway, with more to come! Come join the fun and experience epic naval action today!