Defiance 2050 Key Art

Celebrate Halloween in Defiance 2050

Double, double toil and trouble, the Hulkers have returned to paradise! They bring with them a plague that has come to wipe out all Arkhunters. Get ready to put down these diseased plaguers and hulkers with extreme prejudice, or else you may become one of them!

For four weeks, the Hulker Hell event will be active in Defiance 2050, bringing plague winds and nightmares. Major Arkfalls will run rampant with plaguers and hulkers, all trying to infect you with their deadly disease. Take some time out of your busy Arkhunting schedule to put these guys down once and for all.

Now until November 11, log in and participate in Hulker Hell Major Arkfalls to get some crazy good rewards and loot. New synergies, mod fusions, and more can be yours.

Defiance 2050

These guys aren’t going to play nice, so why should you? Gear up with your local Ex Inanis vendor for some truly unique loot. These guys have really outdone themselves creating some truly terrifying tech to fight the Hulker madness. The new Hulker Hell Supply Cache can be bought from Ex Inanis vendors or the Defiance Store. Grab your haunting gear before it’s gone.

What ghoulish tech do they have in store for your Synergy Matrix you ask? Channel your inner monster with the all new Monster Mash Synergy Crystals. Feel lightning coursing through your veins with Frankensteins Suffering. Feel immortality with the Vampires Kiss. And if all else fails, deal insane amounts of damage with Devils Luck.

Defiance 2050

If that isn’t enough, burn away the plague with the new mod fusion set: Cleansing Flames. Enemies hit by these mod fusion weapons will feel the burn of Cleansing, and each application of cleansing will give you a stack of Catharsis. Each deals damage and restores vitality. If that isn’t enough to wipe out the Hulkers and Plaguers, then Purifying Radiance when killing a Cleansed enemy will create a fiery explosion and make you the embodiment of flames against your enemies!

No Defiance 2050 event would be complete without a new prototype! Login daily and complete those Arkhunter Bounty daily and weekly contracts to get Paradise reputation.

Defiance 2050

The all new prototype “Ghouls Touch” is a fully automatic SMG scavenged from the depths of a Plaguer Den. Scoring five hits in quick succession overloads your target with Decay, releasing a wave of damage over time in a wide radius. Get this prototype from the Paradise vendor during the event!

Trick or Treat? The answer is definitely Treat. There will also be a great selection of weapon skins and outfits available during the event. Pick up the Pumpkin Headgear from Major Arkfalls and scare all your friends! But Hulkers will only be scaring paradise for a limited time, so get back in, gear up, and wipe this plague off the face of the planet.