Black Desert Halloween Event

Halloween Update Adds Spooks and Scares to Black Desert on Xbox One

This Halloween, the massive world of Black Desert on Xbox One is being invaded by magical forces that might give you a trick or a treat. New ghost and witch bosses offer the chance to win special items and craft new costumes – read on for more details about new Halloween content!

Swarming high over the sands of the Black Desert, Spook is a new boss within today’s Halloween Update. Beware of sneak attacks at all times, since Spook enjoys spawning in random locations and times around the world to prey on unsuspecting adventurers. If you’re able to defeat him, Spook drops special items such as Black Fabric, Memory Fragment and Stabilized Magic Blackstone. Using ten pieces of Black Fabric, players can craft new Halloween costumes for their characters!

Black Desert Halloween Event

The most infamous Halloween tradition in Black Desert returns today as well, with the return of Isabella the Black Witch. Spawning at a fixed time in-game, Adventurers will have to work together to defeat Isabella, since her HP is shared amongst all servers. Those who successfully take down the Black Witch can obtain special items including the Witch’s Bloody Brooch, Halloween Gift Box, Pumpkin Gift Box, Silver and more.

The Tamer character class also receives a new content update today, shortly after her arrival to Black Desert on Xbox One on October 2. The agile fighter and her mystical beast, Heilang, can be Awakened once reaching Level 56, expanding her attack range and dealing critical damage with the Celestial Bo Staff.

Black Desert is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store and with Xbox Game Pass. Click here for additional information and purchase details.