Get Ready to Pig Out in Pig Eat Ball, Available Now on Xbox One

Hey all, I’m Nathan Fouts, lead developer at Mommy’s Best Games, creators of Shoot 1UP and Serious Sam DD XXL for Xbox 360. Pig Eat Ball was my crazy idea—how to create an “arcade adventure”? I wanted to make something that felt like a series of arcade games, but linked together by an over world to explore with a fun story. It’s not super tough, but has a nice difficulty curve, just enough to tickle your brain parts; no rage quits.

The gameplay twist is, “What if Pac-Man got larger while eating?” And… you’re on a giant space adventure across 200+ levels!? Plus the whole thing takes place on a Space Station Kingdom, there’s cupcake people to talk to, and a dastardly Dean who is up to no good!

Pig Eat Ball

Most action levels only last a minute or two. You gotta figure out how to get to, and eat all the balls to solve the level. But the twist is, you can get fat and eventually will get stuck! How to get unstuck? Throw up of course! Don’t worry, it’s cute, pixel barf. Each level has a hand-crafted action-puzzle to solve. We’re not talking super hard puzzles, but figuring out where to go first, how fat to get, and when to barf are keys to winning.

In Pig Eat Ball there are 5 giant worlds to explore, and they are all completely unique! There’s lots of variety in the different worlds including the Sushi Gardens, Sports Bar-Arena, Kitchen Chaos, and the Astro Farm. As you progress through the worlds, you have the chance to earn disguises. These are special, permanent power-ups that change how you look, but also give you special gameplay abilities! For instance, some Disguises increase your boost speed, some increase your suction, and some do crazy things like lay down conveyor belts! Disguises are hidden through the overworlds and really reward exploration.

Pig Eat Ball

One spot you may really need a Disguise to help you out are the boss fights. There are 5 huge fights, and 5 minibosses! The world boss fights will require every bit of your maneuvering ability, and thinking powers, as the bosses often have some tricks to figure out! Crazy, wild creatures like the Accordion Centipede and the Nacho Friend await you. Remember if it’s too tough, make sure to change up your Disguise and try out new powers on a tough boss.

And if all this single-player talk is not your thing, take note that there’s an excellent 4-player couch competitive mode, built into the game! Yeah, 25 levels of absolute insanity, ready to be shared with your friends. I’m certain if you get the party mode going during a simple hangout with buds, there will be wild screaming and hollering by the end of a few levels .

Pig Eat Ball

I’ve designed and worked on Pig Eat Ball for 6 years and am super excited to bring it to you on Xbox One! I love console games and getting to play a giant adventure game on a giant screen with a powerful console for silky smooth visuals! Get ready to pig out in Pig Eat Ball!

Pig Eat Ball is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.